Hi Stags!

All year, I’ve been telling you tips about fashion — what to wear, what not to wear, where to buy what you wear, etc. Fashion has a lot of “rules.” But like any fun-loving Stag knows, some rules are meant to be broken. 

Yes, you should probably follow basic social etiquette.

Don’t wear jeans to a job interview or six-inch heels to a fancy luncheon. This will not win you any points with your boss or your grandma’s classy friends. Yet even if you’re still dressed for the occasion, you also can make it your own.

Wear black when everyone else is in bright floral, if colors make you feel too bold. If wearing a bright-colored tie on your first day at the new office gives you that boost of confidence, go for it. If you’re just out with your friends and don’t have to worry about your clothes costing you a promotion, break all the rules.

If you like to wear sweatpants at the bar, then just do that. Your style is for you, and you have the beautiful opportunity to let your clothes show the world who you are.

Be yourself. Surprise everyone. And remember that any outfit looks good with the right amount of confidence.

Happy styling!



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