What a wild weekend it was. After little deliberation, and pretty much no thought behind the plan at all, my friend and I felt as though this past weekend was the perfect time of the semester to venture to Amsterdam. After a short flight on Thursday, March 12 from Pisa, Italy we arrived in Amsterdam around 7 p.m. and immediately immersed ourselves into the city’s culture. We made a brief stop at the infamous Bulldog Coffeeshop and started our night. After enjoying some fine local cannabis, we were on the lookout for food. We found a fantastic American sports restaurant that served HOT DOGS. Man was I hungry. The footlong hot dog was loaded with ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, cheese and some other ingredients that I did not really pay attention to. Anyways, after dinner we were tuckered out and ready to rest up for the next day.

After devouring breakfast the next morning, we thought it would be a good idea to rent bikes to ride around the city. Let’s just get it out of the way now, we lost the bikes and had to pay a large sum of euros to the hotel. They also had never experienced a situation where people had lost bikes under their control. Anyways, we returned to another coffee shop before we headed to the Rijksmuseum so we could prepare ourselves for the incredible artwork that was about to consume us. Honestly, once we arrived at the museum, I was amazed. I could have stayed there for 16 straight hours. Never in my life had I enjoyed paintings so much. After leaving the museum, we napped and then headed out for our final night in the city. We hit the Red Light District and took in a peep show for only two euros! The whole experience was unreal, highly recommended for anyone who visits the city. Once that excursion was completed, our sightseeing for the trip was finished and we went back to the hotel to rest for a few hours before our early flight the next morning. Overall, Amsterdam was a beautiful city with so much to offer. Whoever chooses to study abroad, you will not forget visiting here. Well, probably not. Ciao for now.


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    I thought this was a very interesting article because it gave students who are thinking of studying abroad a better idea of a typical European excursion. Very nicely written too!


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