Out of Australia has come one of the most unique artists of this generation; her name is Courtney Barnett. Emerging in 2012 with her first EP, “I’ve Got a Friend Called Emily Harris,” Barnett garnered attention from the indie community and since has defied the odds as an independent musician by establishing her own label, Milk! Records.

“Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit” is Barnett’s first full-length album, and it delivers a sort of attitude that Barnett can only provide. The album comes alive with Barnett’s roaring guitar and passionate lyrics. Her lyrics are cynical and provide a caustic bitterness that makes Barnett irresistible to listen to.


Evident of this is “Kim’s Caravan,” which boasts a tremendous bass line accompanied by a harmonic orchestral that is blissful to the senses.

The song contains the surreal lyrics that have become synonymous with Barnett, especially during the chorus:“Don’t ask me what I really mean / I am just a reflection / Of what you really wanna see / So take you want from me.”

One complaint with Barnett is that she refuses to change her intensity and style from piece to piece, making her music generic at times. Far from musical maturity, Barnett relies on a lax tone for most of her music such as “Dead Fox” and “Small Poppies,” often stating her point of view from a slightly demeaning yet comical aspect.

Despite this immaturity, Barnett has a raw talent for constructing compositions that seem to be above the abilities of a 27 year old. Barnett’s raw talent is especially evident in the field of somber reflections.

“Depreston” is the perfect representation of Barnett’s lyrical sadness, which defines Barnett’s longing for her home back in Melbourne while she’s on tour.

Barnett yearns: “And I cant think of floorboards anymore / Whether the front room faces south or north / And I wonder what she bought it for / If you’ve got a / Spare half a million / You could knock it down / And start rebuildin’.”

Barnett has great potential in providing the music industry with her iconic style and lyrical interpretation.

“Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit” is a surprisingly good debut album that is filled with strong beats and raw vocals that become evident of what we can expect to see from Barnett in the future.

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