Ariana Grande dropped her new single “7 rings,” to the excitement of fans everywhere, on Friday, Jan. 18. “7 rings” is the third track that has been released from Grande’s upcoming album “thank u, next,” following the release of her hit single “thank u, next” and the release of her track “imagine.” On Jan. 25, Grande took to Instagram to reveal that her album “thank u, next” is set to release on Feb. 8.


I wasn’t sure if anything could top Grande’s song, “thank u, next.” In “thank u, next,” Grande embraces all of her past relationships and finds something positive to take away from all of them, while celebrating her own strength moving forward. Not to mention, it’s extremely catchy. The music video is Grande’s play off of several different classic movies, including “Mean Girls,” “Bring It On,” “13 Going On 30” and “Legally Blonde,” and it even includes teasers for “7 rings.” During the video’s “Legally Blonde” snippet, Grande’s license plate reads “7 RINGS,” and the video begins with the opening beat to “7 rings.” Thankfully, “7 rings” was just as good as “thank u, next,” and includes its own creative twists as well.


“7 rings” begins with an immediately, recognizable melody; Grande created her own version of the tune that is found in the song “My Favorite Things,” originally performed by Julie Andrews in “The Sound of Music”. Grande sings about her favorite things: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s and bottles of bubbles/Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble/Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines/Buy myself all of my favorite things.” Grande sticks to her mottos of self-love and independence in “7 rings” that are also evident in her song, “thank u, next.”


“7 rings” also serves as a tribute to Grande’s best friends. After publicly calling off her engagement with comedian Pete Davidson, Grande spontaneously purchased seven diamond rings for her and six of her close friends. Grande references this in the song: “I’d rather spoil all my friends with my riches / Think retail therapy my new addiction.” Her six friends are also front and center in the music video, in addition to their features in the “thank u, next” music video.


Grande also got creative by including a fast-paced rap toward the end of the song, which is not usually found in music she has produced. Her creativity is setting her apart from all other artists and her message has definitely been heard. Grande clearly cannot be stopped and has been releasing hit after hit for the past two years; hopefully it continues. “7 rings” definitely did not disappoint, seeing as it embodies girl power, friendship and independence.


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