Beyoncé has entered a new era after her iconic release of “Cowboy Carter”, a country-inspired album with a Queen Bey twist. When Beyoncé first released “Texas Hold Em” and “16 Carriages” I was prepared to wear my cowboy hat, -and cowboy boots and shout YEEHAW while listening to her new songs. I was sure that the entire album would be completely country. After her release, I’ve listened and listened… and listened some more to the point where I’ve concluded that Beyoncé put her own spin on country classics. This album cover is certainly eye-catching as it shows Beyoncé with bleach blonde hair blowing in the wind as she’s holding an American flag while riding a large white horse. Of course, she is wearing a cowboy hat along with a leather red white and blue riding outfit. Her beauty queen pageant sash reads “Cowboy Carter” the title of the album. With a whopping 27-song tracklist, Beyoncé’s songs could serenade you for 1 hour 19 minutes. Now let’s get into my favorite tracks on the album! 


  •  This is my all-time favorite on the album. The unexpected blend between Beyoncé and Post Malone is the collaboration I didn’t know I needed. From my lyrical analysis, Levii’s Jeans is actually a sexual ballad. Levii’s Jeans actually represents a person hugging Beyoncé “all night long”. This song not only highlights Beyoncé’s smooth velvet voice but truly gives Post Malone his time to shine as well as we often forget how beautiful his voice is. Funny enough, “Levi’s stock rose 20% Thursday, boosted by a new Beyoncé song called “Levii’s Jeans.”


  • When I heard the tune of  These Boots Are Made For Walkiń by Nancy Sinatra sampled in this I was SO excited. The switch up from the classic banjo beginning to a hip-hop tune shook me to the core. Beyoncé knew what she was doing with this absolute bop. She also plays homage to The Beach Boys with a tiny tune of “She’s picking up good vibrations.” If you need a perfect song to dance around your room and use your dry shampoo bottle as a microphone, Ya Ya is certainly your song. 


  • The interlude of the one and only Dolly Parton in Dolly P is absolutely iconic. With the Jolene music beat in the background Dolly Parton blesses the album with a little interlude introducing Beyoncé’s spin on the iconic song Jolene.

“Hey Miss Honeybee, it’s Dolly P

You know that hussy with the good hair you sing about?

Reminded me of someone I knew back when

Except she has flamin’ locks of auburn hair

Bless her heart

Just a hair of a different color but it hurts just the same” 

The song then goes into Beyoncé’s rendition of Jolene. While carrying the same tune and premise. Beyoncé puts her own spin on the song changing lyrics here and there but still basing her song off of “Jolene.” Following the same story as the original song. While I will always be a huge fan of Miley Cyrus’s Jolene, Beyoncé sure does put her own character into her version which I absolutely loved. I think the Dolly P interlude also makes it 10 times more cool and exciting. 

Overall I think Beyoncé ATE on this album. She completely broke barriers by showing she can still be awesome while also switching up the genre of music she is producing. She is such a decorated and poised artist who deserves respect and recognition. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she can pull an Album of the Year win at the next Grammys!

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