The air is crisp. The leaves are changing colors. It finally feels like fall is in full swing. The only thing that is missing is the perfect playlist to set the tone for the season. Here are five songs that you may want to consider adding to your playlist to create the perfect fall feel. 

  1. “There She Goes” by The La’s

This is the ultimate autumn song. As soon as I hear the introduction, before the beat kicks in, I am transported to a small town with colorful trees, pumpkins lining the streets and an iconic coffee shop just around the corner. All of the “Gilmore Girls” fans will know exactly what town I am talking about. “There She Goes” is the first song that is played in the opening scene of “Gilmore Girls’” pilot episode, and is a very fitting song choice, in my opinion. Whenever it comes on, I immediately find myself in Stars Hollow, sitting in Luke’s Diner, waiting for a hot cup of coffee on a crisp fall day. 

  1. “Stick Season” by Noah Kahan

Fall is the best time of year to listen to folk music, and what better folk, indie artist is there to listen to but Noah Kahan? Celebrating the one-year anniversary of his album “Stick Season” just last weekend, his music is perfect for the fall season. With the same name as the album title, the song “Stick Season” has a fun, upbeat feel to it. In his lyrics, Kahan sings of Vermont’s “season of the sticks,” a time period between the fall in winter seasons, when the beautiful foliage is starting to disappear, but it is not quite winter yet. With the mix of the tune and the lyrics, this song is the perfect fit for a fall playlist. 

  1. “Like Real People Do” by Hozier

Sticking to the theme of folk music for the perfect fall playlist, Hozier is a necessity. Quite frankly, it’s not fall without Hozier. And if you are looking for something that’s a little on the slower side but still gives the same cozy fall feel, “Like Real People Do” is the song for you. This song is full of beautiful melodies and vocals that are perfect for the season.  

  1. “Dreams” by The Cranberries

If you are looking for something more along the lines of rock or alternative, definitely check out The Cranberries. “Dreams” is one of my favorite songs by The Cranberries and the perfect upbeat song to motivate you to get outside and enjoy all the fun activities fall has to offer. 

  1. “I Know the End” by Phoebe Bridgers

Phoebe Bridgers is probably one of my favorite artists to listen to when the weather starts to change. There is nothing that screams autumn quite like cozying up with a sad Phoebe Bridgers song as the leaves start to die and the cold weather settles in. Even the title alludes to the end of something. And fall is definitely a season of change, marking the end of sunny days as we transition into winter. 

So what are you waiting for? Add these songs to your playlist to create the perfect soundtrack for the fall season. Whether you are out and about participating in autumn activities, in the library getting some homework done or cozying up in your dorm on a cold rainy day, there is a song that will fit any of your needs this fall. 

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