The world of music is always changing, and we’re always looking forward to what our favorite artists might be up to. Singer-songwriter David Cook is a musician that keeps up with this change; and, on Nov. 7 fans will be able to experience his new music in a laid back setting as he performs songs from his EP “Chromance.”

Cook is well known for winning season seven of American Idol and debuting as Charlie Price in the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical “Kinky Boots.” Based in Nashville, Tenn., Cook has become a successful songwriter for other writers and his 2015 studio album “Digital Vien” debuted in the top five on the Billboard Pop Chart. Overall, Cook has sold five-million tracks worldwide and continues tour.

Cook is currently embarking on an acoustic tour across the country, where he’ll be performing his new EP.

Released in February, Cook’s new EP “Chromance” takes a different approach from his usual rock style music as he explores new genres and new themes. Songs on Cook’s EP include “The Lucky Ones,” “Warfare” and “Ghost Magnetic.” A lot of these songs take a darker approach than Cook’s previous songs. Not only that, but there is a great deal of experimentation and exploration of what Cook can do with guitar and other instruments.

The song “Gimme Heartbreak” is a highlight on his EP. Cook definitely sticks to this new, darker approach with this new song. “Gimme Heartbreak” is a raw, gritty and intense song about an unhealthy relationship one just doesn’t want to get out of it.  According to an interview from Variety, Cook found inspiration for the song from Halsey’s “Badlands” record. This could be seen through the melody of the song and through it’s overall vibe, which has a very Halsey-like influence to it.

Also featured on “Chromance” is a cover Phil Collins’ emotional song, “Another Day In Paradise.” Unlike Collins’ original, eye opening late 80s hit, Cook’s cover is a more mysterious, almost mystic, take on the song. Collin’s was a lot more techno, being that it was the late 80s when the song was created, but Cook’s approach explores a different experimental route as it creates a different kind of sound through the use various, different instruments.  

If you’re interested in hearing Cook live, come to Ridgefield, Conn. on Nov. 7 at 8 p.m.  It’ll be a chance to really get to know his new music and hear a new side to this artist.

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