On a cold, windy morning, it can often be really difficult to crawl out of bed and put a start to your day. Usually, I find myself clicking the “snooze” button repeatedly until there’s ultimately no more time left to spare before my classes start and I have to rush to get ready. However, I have found that with the right upbeat, energetic song, you can go from a half-asleep zombie to a peppy bucket of sunshine in just three minutes.

Most of these songs have been on my playlist for years now, finding their way onto the aux only when it’s summertime. Yet, I’ve recently realized that I may need the serotonin boost these tunes give me more than ever in these drowsy weeks. Without further ado, here are eight songs you absolutely have to give a listen to tomorrow morning, if not today!

“Gap in the Clouds” by Yellow Days

This song has been my favorite for about two months now, placing it as my top number one listened-to tune for 2022 already. Right from the start of the distant croons, synth pulses and George Van Den Broek’s voice, “all this time I was just running around,” my shoulders instantly released all of the tension I was unknowingly holding. I feel such relief and joy that my chest becomes light, and a smile spreads across my face. It’s undoubtedly one of the most calming, stress-free songs as it reminisces about a beautiful, unexpected love, comparing it to “a gap in the clouds [where] the sun comes out.”

“Broke” by Samm Henshaw

This is not the first time that I am confessing my love for Samm Henshaw, and it most likely will not be the last. “Broke” is one of Samm’s best feel-good songs due to the jazzy, upbeat drums and saxophone, and of course, his stunning voice. He brings humor into his breakup, sharing, “My girl just kicked me out she thinks I’m lame; Maybe she’s got a point who gets the sack from Five Guys.” Maybe it’s just me, but I could cry from how much happiness this song brings me. It immediately gets my adrenaline pumping and my body moving because I can’t not dance along to this amazing track!

“Chemicals” by SG Lewis

I’m not sure how I found this song, but I’m so glad I did. Its electric instrumental and breathy lyrics make you feel like the main character that everyone is fawning over, which I’m not afraid to admit I totally love. It’s more than a confidence booster; it’s a four-minute reason to invoke a god complex as SG tells you, “’Cause I feel like my dreams have always been about you now.”

“Float On” by Modest Mouse

As someone who also tends to overwork, overthink and overanalyze anything and everything, the meaning behind the song is what really sells it to me. The chorus constantly reassures you, “Alright, don’t worry, even if things end up a bit too heavy, we’ll all float on okay,” on top of an alternative guitar and drum beat. It’s definitely a nice reminder to hear before you start your day, especially an overwhelming, hectic one. 

“Hide” by Rainbow Kitten Surprise 

I was introduced to Rainbow Kitten Surprise not too long ago, and I honestly really love all of their songs. However, I feel like “Hide” has the potential to be a crowd favorite due to the sanguine feel. In addition to the electric guitar and fast-paced drums, it’s hard not to join the singers as they chant, “hide your love, hide your love; don’t let it slip away.” If you’re feeling unmotivated to get out of bed, this is a great choice to blast on your speaker. It always gets me up and jumping to the beat.

“Never Had the Balls” by Rex Orange County

I would be remiss if I did not include at least one Rex Orange County song, as Alex O’Connor is one of the few artists I’ve followed religiously for an extended period of time and have not gotten sick of (and I am seeing him live in May for his “Who Cares” tour!!). While I love the entirety of his “Pony” album, “Never Had the Balls” would without a doubt be my go-to on the days that I need a pick-me-up. The introduction of birds chirping followed by the drumbeat and silly chorus “but I never got the chance to tell you; I never had the balls to tell you” makes it a 10/10 for me.

“Snap Out of It” by Arctic Monkeys

This indie rock/alternative tune sends me right into a spirited episode as soon as Alex Turner sings “What’s been happening in your world?” This head-banging, foot-tapping beat will never fail to get my heart racing and energy spiked, an obvious necessity for those lacking, dark mornings. 

“Why” by Dominic Ficke

This tune is honestly kind of repetitive but it’s still one that invokes a lively burst in me, nevertheless. As I brush my teeth and listen to Ficke’s smooth, husky tone sing “I write about her thighs in my latest lines, I remember her eyes when I asked her why,” the day doesn’t seem so daunting, but one that is ready to be explored. Maybe out there, someone will write a song about me like this one. 

These are only a handful of my favorite songs that put me in a good mood to start the day. But, whatever style you find works the best for you, just turn up the volume and attack your morning with optimism, as it sets the tone for the rest of your afternoon and late night!


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