Love is in the air at Fairfield! No matter if you’re booed up or flying solo this Valentine’s Day, everyone who loves love has been getting in the sentimental spirit. Our Stags shared some of their favorite romantic movies and love songs to give everyone the feels during this Valentine’s Day. 

Senior Kenzie Nasta loves the movie “The Longest Ride,” and sophomore Kate Enriquez echoes this, noting that “it’s one of my favorite movies of all time!”

First-year Kallie Ouellette recommends “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” and says that one of her favorite love songs is “Until I Found You” by Stephen Sanchez. Sophomore Sam Healey says that his favorite love song at the moment is “On & On & On” by the band Caamp.

First-year Hadley Boguniecki and Owen McConaghy both commented that although it’s a classic, “The Notebook” takes their number one spot for the best romantic movie. 

Sophomore Roisin McCarthy noted the song “Everywhere, Everything” from artist Noah Kahan’s latest album “Stick Season” as one of her favorite love songs. She says that this is one of the most “beautifully written love songs,” and that when she listens to it, she feels like her heart stops because “it’s the type of love that everyone deserves.” Beautifully said, Ro! 

Emily Orlando, Ph.D., Professor of English and E. Gerald Corrigan Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences at Fairfield University, shared some of her favorite romantic poems to set the mood for Valentine’s Day. She recommends Elizabeth Baron Browning’s poems “Sonnets From the Portuguese,” and said that they are “the most beautiful, happy, gorgeous love poems of the whole nineteenth century!” She was also sure to note Lord Byron’s iconic “She Walks in Beauty” as an exemplary love poem as well. Dr. Orlando commented that these poems make you believe that such a love exists. How beautiful! Definitely check these out if you’re trying to woo your future Stag-mate with some 19th-century “rizz”. 

Senior John Rainis had a tough time deciding on just one romantic song to share. He recommends that everyone should listen to “Jump” by Lonr, saying that “it gets me in my bag every time.” When asked about his favorite romantic movie, he answered with “‘10 Things I Hate About You’ … that one’s goated.”

Sophomore Emilie Drolet says that her favorite romantic movie has got to be “The Proposal,” because “it’s really funny and cute!” Junior Maddy Kitlas shared that “this is super cliche, but I love ‘The Notebook’ or the movie ‘Valentine’s Day.’” Sophomore Julia Braatz mentioned “Pretty Woman” and “The Princess Bride” as two of her favorite romantic comedies. 

The spirit of love is clearly abundant here at Fairfield! Whether you’re looking for a romcom, love song or eloquent romantic poem, our Fairfield community has got you covered! And if love songs and rom-coms aren’t your things, you’re not alone. When asked if he has a favorite rom-com, sophomore Zach Shields said that “I can’t say I do. I don’t know if I’ve ever watched a rom-com in my life.” 

No matter what your Valentine’s Day is looking like this year, there are plenty of ways to get in the lovey-dovey spirit! 

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