Winter is slowly but surely coming to an end, and you may be looking for some new music to get you through the last weeks until spring. Here are a few recommendations from the playlists I’ve been listening to lately. 


“Chicago” by Louis Tomlinson – This song has to be my favorite Louis song. I just love everything about it, from the guitar to the lyrics and vocals. 

Lethal Woman

“Lethal Woman” by Dove Cameron – Spotify added this to one of my playlists a few weeks ago, and I’ll be thanking them forever. I’m absolutely obsessed with the song – it’ll make you feel strong and powerful – and I’ve been listening to her new album, “Alchemical Volume 1” on repeat. 

About You

“About You” by the 1975 – This song never fails to make my winter playlists. I adore it, and I’m a firm believer that it should be played on a wintry drive through the woodsy backroads. 

In Between 

“In Between” by Gracie Abrams – Okay, so, this song technically isn’t released by Gracie, but it’s my favorite song by her. It’s so wholesome and perfect, and I adore it. Luckily, someone else put it up on Spotify to hold me over until Gracie actually releases it (she recently said she would, and I’m holding her to that!). 

Coney Island 

“coney island” by Taylor Swift – This may be unpopular, but “coney island” is my favorite song from “evermore.” The bridge is just too good, and I’m obsessed. Anyway, like the rest of “evermore”, this song is a perfect addition to any winter playlist. 

Before I Fall Apart 

“Before I Fall Apart” by Elle Coves – This song originally came to me via an ad on TikTok, and thank god for that. This is one of my favorite songs. The music itself is upbeat, and I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. 

History of Man 

“History of Man” by Maisie Peters – Maisie understood the assignment when she wrote these lyrics. The song is incredible, and I’ll be listening to it forever. 


“Emotions” by 5 Seconds of Summer – This is one of my top songs from 5SOS5. I love how raw the lyrics are and the slow music. 

Rebel Child 

“Rebel Child” by Dylan – I’ve been obsessed with this song lately. I love how upbeat and fun it is. Perfect if you need a pick-me-up. 


 “16” by Sadie Jean – This song is so cute, and I love it. It feels like a wintry drive with your friends when you first get your license, and I love those vibes. 


“High” by Stephen Sanchez – This is another more fun and upbeat song. This one also popped up as an ad on TikTok, and I’ve been listening to it ever since. 

Say Don’t Go  

“Say Don’t Go” by Taylor Swift – How could I not recommend another Taylor song? Out of all the vault songs from “1989 (Taylor’s Version” (all of which I love so much), this seems to be the best suited for winter. It also happens to be one of my favorite songs – as always, Taylor slayed with the lyrics and vocals. 

I Know It Won’t Work  

“I know it won’t work” by Gracie Abrams – When I listened to “Good Riddance”, Gracie’s latest album, I got totally stuck on this song. The music is beautiful, and I’m so in love with it. 


“Still” by Dove Cameron – Compared to “Lethal Woman”, this song is much slower and quieter. Because of that, it feels perfectly suited for the last few weeks of winter. I highly recommend it. 

Ghost of You 

“Ghost of You (Live From the Royal Albert Hall)” by Five Seconds of Summer – A lot of winter recommendations from a band with ‘summer’ in their name, but hear me out. One of the greatest things Five Seconds of Summer did was record a live album with an orchestra and a choir. I firmly believe that the orchestra and the choir did incredible things for this song, and I would’ve sold my soul to be at this concert. Anyway, add it to your playlist ASAP; it’s absolutely incredible.  I hope you find at least a few songs from this list to add to your playlists. If you want the full thing, it’s on Spotify: Winter Songs for the Mirror.

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