Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 6.11.57 PMFairfield Theatre Company will soon transform an existing facility into a 640-seat music venue located at 70 Sanford Street, behind the Fairfield train station. As of Wednesday, Feb. 11, FTC’s Executive Director John Reid was happy to announce that the campaign has reached 80 percent of its 1.5 million dollar budget.

The Warehouse will have three times the seating as StageOne and will allow larger acts to perform who would otherwise not fit in their existing 225-seat venue. According to Reid, the size of The Warehouse fits perfectly between their existing venues: The Klein in Bridgeport, Norwalk Concert Hall and StageOne. FTC plans to make use of all four facilities in order to provide more services and entertainment for the community, as well as to attract people from all over the region.

The Warehouse at FTC will be home to theatre, film, cultural events, fundraising galas, business expos, fairs, corporate and private events. The Warehouse will not only bring more music, but also act as a multi-purpose venue and community event space downtown.

The Warehouse brings FTC and Fairfield University back together since FTC’s first season of plays in 2001, which were held on Fairfield’s campus. For Fairfield students, this means you can enjoy more music and art. Reid said, “The Warehouse will absolutely source bands who draw college students including indie rock and some EDM groups.”

“We hope The Warehouse will allow us to connect with WVOF, Fairfield University’s radio station, and have bands come in for interviews,” said Reid. “The larger venue will allow for discounted admission because a lot of the indie bands do not want to out price their fans with high ticket costs.” Reid also hopes to incorporate the University’s StagCard into the FTC box office. 

Not only will The Warehouse engage college students, but also improve the overall atmosphere of downtown Fairfield. FTC put on 338 shows and attracted 50,000 people last year alone which generated a 1.5 million dollar benefit to neighboring businesses, according to Reid. Warehouse2

“The Warehouse is a game-changer both for FTC and the town of Fairfield,” said Reid. “The new venue will allow us to introduce a whole new universe of world-class artists and productions. This will bring even more people to Fairfield and act as a significant and economic engine for the local restaurants and shops that surround us.”

First Selectman Mike Tetreau said, “The Warehouse is all a part of transforming Fairfield into an arts and culture destination and FTC is the cornerstone of all that.” Tetreau’s focus stretches beyond The Warehouse. His intent is to make Fairfield more accessible and increase tourism.

“I envision Fairfield as a more interactive community. For example, I want to create a bike-share program where people can rent a bike and explore the town, then simply return it like a library book,” said Tetreau. “All of these things will expand the town and boost business in Fairfield.”

The Warehouse anticipates a grand opening in the fall, with a soft opening over the summer. To find out more about The Warehouse, please visit

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