First-year Chelsey Gabriel is a film, television and media arts major here at Fairfield University and comes from Stamford, Conn. A fan of reading in general, Chelsey particularly enjoys the worlds of comic books and the costumed heroes of the Marvel and DC comics. Not only a comic enthusiast, but a manga reader as well, she enjoys the “Katekyo Hitman Reborn” series by Akira Amano. She also loves watching Netflix, usually animation like “Bojack Horseman,” originals like “Stranger Things” and old films ranging from “The Godfather” or “Lilo and Stitch.” However, she prefers animation and originals.

When talking about artists, Chelsey enjoys the music of the following artists:

Michael Jackson

“Michael Jackson is the greatest musician in history. He has an AMAZING vocal range that brings so much emotion. His songs always make me feel alive and excited. He’s great inspiration for me, not to be a singer, but to be more imaginative and creative in my hobbies which are drawing and making videos/films.”


“I love how much publicity artists like him and Nicky Jam, for Bachata and other Latinx, are bringing to the United States. I believe it’s important for people to be immersed in different cultures and music is a great way for doing that.”

Celine Dion

“She is one of the many singers I grew up listening to as a child. Her voice is very soothing. My favorite thing about her music is that it makes my mother so happy.”

Stevie Wonder

“It just astonishes me that this man overcame the barrier his disability had created for him. I would love to overcome a challenge like him. I love his voice and how genuine the messages are, especially in ‘Isn’t She Lovely.’”

Nicky Jam

“He’s a great Hispanic rapper! Like Maluma, his talents are bringing publicity to the genre of music he sings. I also love how he collaborated with American artists, like Will Smith, and mixes the two cultures together.

Foxy Shazam

“This band has amazing songs! I love their musical style and how upbeat their music is. I think it’s SO cool that in a time where pop music is prevailing, they manage to stay true to themselves.”

Assorting her favorite songs from her playlist, she prefers a mixture of old and modern music.

“Misled” by Celine Dion

“My mom liked Celine Dion, which meant she played her songs a lot. And that meant I listened to it with her. But I like ‘Misled’ the most.”

“Wasn’t Meant To Be” by Nu-Look

“Nu-Look is a Haitian Kompa artist with a popular song ‘Why Do You Say You Love Me.’ He is one of the first Haitian musicians I have been introduced to and I really enjoy listening to him and other artist from the country as it helps me contact with my cultural roots.”

“Amigos Con Derechos” by Reik feat. Maluma

“I simply ADORE the beat in the song and how great everyone’s voice goes together. Everything is in harmony! Also, I think it’s great that Bachata and other Hispanic music is getting more publicity nowadays.”

“You Rock My World” by Michael Jackson

“It’s a classic! What’s not to like! It just so hype and, to me, it’s such a feel good song. Most of his songs are like that, but this one just makes me feel AMAZING.”

“My Way” by Frank Sinatra

“This song makes me feel nostalgic. Whenever I’m down, listening to this song just makes me feel grateful about the good in my life. It’s quite the stress reliever.”

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