Junior Maggie Sullivan is a nursing major here at Fairfield. She loves to shop and spend time with her friends and family, but her passion doesn’t stop at the mall. If you ever need to find Maggie, chances are she is in the corner of a party DJ’ing. Playing music is easily one of her favorite pastimes. Sullivan’s greeting to every Uber driver she has ever encountered is, “Hello sir, do you have an aux cord?” Because she plays music so frequently, she’s usually in desperate need of a phone charger, as well as the aux. She loves to make playlists on Spotify and find new music to listen to. Being a nursing major is definitely rewarding, but it also requires a lot of work. Music is definitely an outlet for Sullivan after a long day at clinical and it preps her in the morning, as well.

Sullivan listens to all different genres of music and is really great at finding top hits before they become popular. She has a knack for finding artists that are more low-key. In particular, Sullivan has always listened to pop and country, and they are her favorite genres. She loves to perform karaoke to any song under these categories, whether she is asked to or not. Here’s a list of Sullivan’s current favorite songs.


  1. “8TEEN” – Khalid

“This song is really laid back and I love listening to it when I’m driving. I also really like ‘Show Down’ and ‘American Teen’ by Khalid.”


  1. “Friend of Mine” – Avicii (ft. Vargas & Lagola)

“I always listen to this song at the gym. It’s so uplifting, they’re really nice lyrics about friendship.”


  1. “From Eden” – Hozier

“This song is on my playlist that I usually listen to before bed. It’s really soothing and probably one of Hozier’s lesser known songs.”


  1. “Kill the Lights” – Jess Glynne (ft. Nile Rodgers) Audien Remix

“‘Kill the Lights’ is also something I listen to while I workout because it’s a really fun, fast-paced song. I like all of Jess Glynne’s music.”


  1. “September Song” – JP Cooper

“I’ve been listening to this song since sophomore year and it still hasn’t gotten old. I usually play it when I’m hanging out with my roommates and friends. It’s easy to sing along to but it’s also nice background music when you’re lounging around.”


  1. “Hurt Somebody” – Noah Kahan (ft. Julia Michaels)

“This collaboration was really good. I also usually listen to this song in my house when my friends are over. The music and lyrics are really pretty.”

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