Senior Madison “Maddie” Roberts is in training for her upcoming softball season — her third since arriving at Fairfield. Roberts discovered softball when she was nine years old and came across a baseball glove while shopping at Walmart. Curious, she decided to give the sport a shot and went on to play first base on multiple recreation and club teams over the course of her middle school and high school career in Newbury Park, Calif. Now, Roberts plays on the Fairfield team as the team’s pitcher.

When talking about her experience playing on softball teams and why she continues to feel exhilaration when she plays, Roberts commented, “I used to play first base, but, since coming to Fairfield, I’ve just played pitcher. My favorite thing about playing softball is when I’m pitching and getting ready to strike out a batter. The feeling of being able to control the batter with each pitch is extremely satisfying.”

With Super Bowl LII approaching on Feb. 2, Roberts contributed both her game day playlist and her opinion on the upcoming game. “I always enjoy watching the Super Bowl and getting into the game. I’m rooting for the Patriots because my team, the Oakland Raiders, isn’t in the Super Bowl, so I’m just hopping on the New England bandwagon.” So, enjoy the Super Bowl and, in the words of Roberts, enjoy the “vast amounts of food and the commercials.”

  1. “All The Way Up” by Fat Joe, Remy Ma

“I like to listen to this song because it gets me pumped to face the other team and to head into the game with confidence.”

  1. “I Hate Everything About You” by Three Days Grace

“Before any stressful situation, including a game, it’s good to just yell.”

  1. “Centerfield” by John Fogerty

“This is a classic baseball/softball song that we listen to every game day.”

  1. “Surface” by Aero Chord

“I get super psyched at any given moment with this song’s great bass drop.”

  1. “Zero” by Chris Brown

“When I need help with pre-game jitters, this song just makes me laugh. It helps that it’s super catchy.”

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