Senior Nora Holland is a communications major from West Hartford, Conn. She loves spending time with her family and friends and always has the best stories to share about her life, celebrity gossip, what’s happening on campus and more. One of Holland’s favorite pastimes is following the lives of famous YouTube vloggers including Gigi Gorgeous, Savannah and Cole Labrant. She could probably tell you every single detail about them with great excitement in under a minute. One of her favorite shows is ABC’s “The Bachelor”/“The Bachelorette” series and she gives very entertaining commentary on the events that occur on the show. Holland also aspires to be Twitter famous and composes relatable and original tweets about things that occur in her everyday life, random thoughts that pop into her head, music, college, etc. Holland never disappoints; she posts at least 2-3 tweets a day and encourages everyone to follow her @nora_holland.

Holland is the life of any and every party, and she has a wildly varying taste in music. When on the aux, she’ll start off with the latest house music including anything from Louis the Child and Galantis, then switch it up with major throwbacks from Aaron Carter and The Naked Brothers Band. She’s also a huge fan of Post Malone and would marry him in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever presented itself. Holland loves making playlists on Spotify for any kind of mood she’s in or event she attends, and many people rely on them for go-to music. Here are some of her current favorite songs.

  1. “I Miss You” – Clean Bandit (ft. Julia Michaels)

“I love the beat of it. It’s really catchy and I value the lyrics of songs so right now this song is really relevant for me.”

  1. “Birthday Dress” – Lil Playy (ft. Matthew Koma)

“This song is such an upbeat, happy song and it puts everyone in a really good mood. It’s one of those songs that gets everyone excited and pumped up. It’s really uplifting. It’s groovy.”

  1. “Ladders” – Mac Miller

“This song was on Mac’s most recent album before he passed away. It starts off really slow but it really picks up. I love this song because of the instrumentals in the background, I don’t really like rap, but I think this song can appeal to everyone. It’s the best song on his album.”

  1. “Growing Pains” – Alessia Cara

“This is such a good song to listen to if you’re driving or have a long car ride ahead of you. It has such a good lyrical message, just because you have a bad day doesn’t mean you have a bad life, and it’s all about growing up.”

  1. “Rumor” – Lee Brice

“This song is a slow country song, and sometimes I like to listen to it if I just want to relax or if I’m laying in bed. It’s slow and pretty and it’s cute. Lee Brice has such a soothing voice I love his songs. It’s on the slower side and it’s about love so it’s nice.”

  1. “One Shot” – Hunter Hayes

“This is such a good party song, if you want to party to country music that is. The lyrics are very applicable to a fun night out with friends.”

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