Anyone who knows Chris Cahill ‘14 on campus knows him for his infectious energy, compassion and most of all, his dedication to the Fairfield community. After completing his time as an undergrad student at Fairfield University, Cahill went on to grad school. While completing his masters, he worked as a graduate resident coordinator where he received experience working with residence assistants in The Village area. In January 2016, he became a full-time area coordinator in Loyola Hall, where he has been deemed “Papa Stag” due to his enthusiasm for the program and dedication to connecting with and getting to know his residents.

“I’m most proud of the Ignatian Residential College program. With the help of several of my colleagues in Residence Life, as well as Ignatian Mentors and Alumni Mentors, I was able to develop the program in a way that focuses on vocational discernment and community building throughout the sophomore experience.”

When not found in Res Life or in the Loyola Commons, Cahill can be found jamming to a variety of music. There were many snapchats of Cahill singing to an assortment of interesting songs while in the car (one of his favorite places to listen to music) during his recent service trip to San Diego through campus ministry. From attempting to be swag with his hip-hop and rap favorites, to having a mellow groove when listening to folk music, Cahill’s musical interests echoes his personality: exciting and unpredictable.


Below are some of Cahill’s favorite songs:


  1. “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan

“When I first heard this song, it made me realize that great music will stand the test of time. The lyrics can be interpreted politically, spiritually and culturally, and in my opinion it’s the best song ever written.”


  1. “You All Loved Him Once” by Conor Oberst

“This song is on Oberst’s new album that was released in March, and I like the storytelling in

the lyrics. The main character of the story is not completely clear — it’s most likely Julius Caesar or Jesus, and the fact that the lyrics are both vague and captivating is impressive.”


  1. “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

“Aside from having a great duo of rappers, this song has one of the most recognizable beats in the history of the genre, and it inspired a lot of the hip hop I like today.”


  1. “#41” by the Dave Matthews Band

“I have seen this band live a few times, and this song is always a cool experience. It’s a really honest song lyrically, and it doesn’t really have a refrain which I think is unique. Also live versions can be like 15 minutes long and I’m known to like a good jam band.”


  1. “Nancy Mulligan” by Ed Sheeran

“I heard this song for the first time on the service trip to San Diego that I just went on over spring break, and I think it’s probably the best song on Ed Sheeran’s recent album. It’s light, positive, and it’s a great song to blast in the car. It’s an especially notable song when sung by John Conmy (‘19).”

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