This week’s “Heard it through the GrapeVINE” spotlight is Emily Michelini ’20. Michelini’s musical career began with her elementary school’s musical productions of “Annie” and “Willy Wonka.” Falling in love with music and growing interested in its composition, she learned to read music while playing the guitar before adventuring into the world of woodwinds; finding her home behind a clarinet. “Playing music is very challenging and very fun,” said Michelini.

Progressing far past her elementary school’s inspirational rendition of “Hot Cross Buns,” Michelini currently plays her clarinet as a member of Fairfield University’s Symphonic Orchestra. In her spare time, she enjoys serenading people from the shower, belting out lyrics in her dorm room and studying as a nursing major.

“I love music and I listen to a really random compilation of it — you should see the rest of my playlists,” said Michelini. “I love how a certain song can make a bad day better, calm you down if you’re stressed out or bring you back in time with just a few notes.”


“Just Give Me A Reason” P!nk

“I love all of [P!nk’s] music. They’re all about empowerment and never giving up and I think that’s a message everyone should take to heart. This is my favorite of hers because it got me through a rough patch in my life and reminded me that no matter what happens, it would all be OK in the end.”


“Castaway” Zac Brown Band

“I never thought I would like country, but I really love this band and this song is just about having a good time and enjoying life.”


“Closer” The Chainsmokers (feat. Halsey)

“I feel like this is everyone’s favorite song right now — and for good reason. Whenever it plays, I can’t help but belt it out, be it in the shower, car or my dorm room.”


“Dangerous” Big Data

“This is my pump-up song. Need to go to the gym? Listen to this for motivation. Something about the beat makes me feel energetic and like I can do anything.”


“Clarity” Zedd

“I couldn’t tell you why I love it — but I danced and listened to it for two hours straight while getting ready for prom freshman year.”


“Man, I Feel Like a Woman” Shania Twain

“This is my guilty pleasure song — I remember listening to it and knowing all of the words when I was four and sitting in my dad’s car.”


Check out Michelini’s playlist on The Mirror’s Spotify @thefairfieldmirror

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