With FUSA’s recent announcement of hip-hop artist Fetty Wap coming to perform for this year’s Red Sea Madness, Stags have a lot of reasons to feel excited. Fetty Wap essentially dominated the airwaves of every hit radio station in 2015. His rapid emergence carried by an assortment of simultaneous hit singles helped him break all types of records across the charts. Many people would argue that “Trap Queen” was the most popular song of 2015, and I cannot confidently say that I would disagree. With all that being said, here is a quick run through some of his best songs in order to recap a little more of what Stags can expect at Red Sea Madness.


“Trap Queen”: Everybody knows this song. If you don’t think you do, listen for ten seconds and you’ll realize you do. If you still don’t, then you must have spent 2014 to 2016 under a rock. “Trap Queen” is a good song. You might have hated it for an extended period of time because it was on every radio station everywhere for so long, but I am sure that the energy of hearing this megahit live will trigger irresistible urges to sing along.


“679”: Fetty’s second hit single is a party anthem. There really is no other way to describe it. This jam utilizes the signature up-tempo, rhythmic hip-hop that West Coast superproducer DJ Mustard used to craft half of hip-hop’s hit songs during the mid-2010s. Fetty’s friend and reliable collaborator Monty assists with a verse, dropping a notoriously funny couple of lines.


“RGF Island”: This one right here, this is the one. Plainly put, this song is special. For starters, the beat has perfectly timed synthesizers that coincide with the occasional piano keys and the plethora of trap drums. But Fetty . . . man I swear you can feel the energy in his voice. I am currently sitting at my kitchen table listening to this song, and as this chorus is developing, I swear I am getting the type of invincible energy that could make me run a marathon and/or wrestle a grizzly bear right now. Fetty must have made this song with the sole intent of getting entire groups of friends unbelievably hyped.


“Jimmy Choo”: The beat on this one is straight up nasty, and Fetty appropriately destroys it, pouring gasoline all over it with his drawn-out, well-enunciated verses and subsequently igniting it by breathing his beautifully unmelodic vocals all over the chorus.


“Rewind”: Okay, so I am kind of hoping he does not perform this song live because I do not want to be in the middle of Alumni Hall bawling my eyes out like I am watching “The Notebook” while cutting onions. But if he decides to switch up the mood and relax the building for a minute, this song would serve as a great moment of relaxation even though its an emotional rollercoaster, providing a melancholy account of how he misses his ex-girlfriend.


“Again”: Another one of Fetty’s record breaking singles, this song finds Fetty singing another chorus, rapping over his verses, and heavily ad-libbing himself during the whole time (including his signature “YAAAAA baby”). Though the song is about trying to get a girl back, nothing about this song creates a somber mood, and Fetty gives this beat justice, somehow keeping the party vibes alive.

“My Way”: How good is this song? Well, seeing as Drake himself remixed it, I think you could say it is not terrible. Fetty fully displays his unique style on this song by starting most of his lines in more of a rapping form and ending them in a clearly exaggerated singing note.


Honorable mentions: “Jugg,” “D.A.M” and “Westside.”

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