When in Chicago on her GUTS World Tour, Olivia Rodrigo announced that she was releasing a deluxe version of her new album “GUTS.” The deluxe version would be called “GUTS (spilled)” and would feature five new songs. These five songs were released on March 22 and I thought I would give you an honest review and ranking of them.

5. “obsessed”

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this song! However, out of the five, I think it’s my least favorite. Rodrigo has been teasing “obsessed” her entire tour by adding it to the setlist before it was released. The song has blown up all over TikTok, and for good reason, it’s a great song! This shows Rodrigo’s grungy side and captures the intensity of post-breakup emotions and the struggle to let go of someone who still holds a significant place in one’s heart. In addition to this release, Rodrigo came out with a music video for “Obsessed” which has had everyone in a chokehold. 

4. “girl i’ve always been”

This song seems to be everyone’s least favorite out of the five, but I really enjoy it. When I first gave it a listen, I was shocked to hear a little country twang out of Rodrigo, but it was a pleasant surprise. Immediately, this song reminded me of Lucy Gray in the new Hunger Games movie – “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.” Rodrigo actually wrote a song for that movie called, “Can’t Catch Me Now,” so I think she took inspiration from the movie to write this new song. I loved this new folk/country genre and think Rodrigo should try it out more. 

3. “stranger”

I am a sucker for Olivia Rodrigo’s sad ballads and this one is no different. As soon as it started playing, I knew it was a hit. “stranger” is about growing up and learning to move on from past relationships. Rodrigo says, “You’re just a stranger I know everything about.” To me, this is a healed version of her song “enough for u” on her first album, “SOUR.” The two songs coincide very well together and I think that is what makes the new one so special. 

2. “scared of my guitar”

Similar to the last one, “scared of my guitar” is another gut-wrenching song by Rodrigo. This song seems to be about mixed feelings in a relationship and being scared to confront those feelings. Even though I love “stranger,” this song is so much better and I wish it was a lead single. It’s so extremely real and heartbreaking to listen to. My guess as to why it wasn’t a lead single is because it gives more “SOUR” vibes than “GUTS.”

1. “so american”

Out of the five songs released, “so american” is by far the best one. Finally, we get a true happy love song from Rodrigo! Most people assume this song is about her boyfriend, Louis Partridge, who is British. This song was written last out of the five– it was written about three weeks before the deluxe album came out. “so american” is the type of song to get you up on your feet dancing and jumping around. I love the bridge and think overall this is one of Rodrigo’s best songs. Ending the album with this one serves as a full circle moment and I have been listening to it non-stop.

There you have it, my official ranking of the five new songs on “GUTS (spilled).” All I can say is that Olivia Rodrigo never misses.

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