Pink Talking Fish Doors @ 7:00 P.M. Show @ 7:45 P.M. Tickets: $20 all

Pink Talking Fish
Doors @ 7:00 P.M.
Show @ 7:45 P.M.
Tickets: $20 all

If you are not already familiar with Pink Talking Fish, then we will let the music speak for itself.

Mashups, elaborate setlists, jambands, dance grooves, and a Psychedelic rock from deep outer space echoes from the biggest names in music.

Founder and bassist, Eric Gould came up with the idea of a fusion tribute to three of his most beloved bands: Pink Floyd, The Talking Heads and Phish. The intent is to “heighten people’s passion for music by creating something fresh,” added Gould. Collectively, the musicians of Pink Talking Fish are equally inspired by these crossroads as are their fans.

“If you enjoy the adventure of music, this is the epitome of music adventure,” said Gould. Pink Talking Fish embarks on a great journey filled with rhythms you know and love.

When Phish’s “Sand” is placed into the groove of The Talking Heads “Slippery People” or  Pink Floyd’s “On The Run” overlaps Phish’s “You Enjoy Myself” you know something magic is happening.

“PTF doesn’t just do one thing,” said Gould. Their sets get you up off your feet because, lets face it, we all love to dance. You will hear everything from the hits to rare tracks that are all carefully calculated into an exciting performance.

Gould thinks of each PTF gig as a journey, that leaves something for everyone. In their rendition of Phish’s “Makisupa Policeman” PTF incorporates Pink Floyd’s “Brain Damage” without straying from Phish’s Reggae feel. Gould explained the first verse of “Brain Damage” is Reggae, but then in the bridge they shift back to Floyd’s original feel.

The band is further driven by the concept of setlists. Gould has always been intrigued by the construction of sets and how they influence the audience. Gould, in his former electronic dance band Particle, was in-charge of creating the set and it really shows in PTF.

Setlists are “musical candy to read on paper,” exclaimed Gould. “And people are salivating over it.”

“The design is the fun part for me,” said Gould. It’s an intellectual journey that gives the audience more than a fusion of cover songs. PTF is reinterpreting feel, improvising and calculates a mass of musical energy. Not only is it pure fun, but becomes a real treat to musicians and non musicians alike.

Furthermore, “If you are a musical geek like I am you can loose yourself, but also be challenged as the story unfolds,” said Gould.

PTF at Chill

On Thursday Oct. 16, Pink Talking Fish comes to Stage One at Fairfield Theatre Company. For anyone who hasn’t been to Stage one “Its an intimate environment,” said Gould. You can dance, hang out and really get close to see what the musicians are doing on stage.

The Pink Talking Fish Tour continues across New England at North Star Bar (Philadelphia) Oct. 17, The Cutting Room (NYC) Oct. 18, The Westcott Theatre (Syracuse) Oct. 23 and The Putnam Den (Saratoga Springs) Oct 24.

It’s uncertain what sets Gould has planned for Stage One, but after hours of PTF you might be more than hooked.

For more Pink Talking Fish: Watch their full set @Putnam Den 4.19.2014

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