Who would’ve ever thought our Queen B would come out with a country album? Not me, but I couldn’t be more excited to see what she has up her sleeve for us. To say I love Beyoncé would be an understatement. She is truly an icon in the music industry and has paved the way for so many artists to start their music careers. To think she has been in the studio working on a country album as an Act II of “Renaissance” gives me butterflies. 

The last two weeks have been incredible due to the release of Beyoncé’s two new songs, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages”. I listen to “Texas Hold ‘Em” at least five times a day and it is constantly stuck in my head. When I walk out of class I dig through my pockets to find my AirPods so I can walk back to “Texas Hold ‘Em”. It is an extremely catchy song that makes me so incredibly happy to sing it. I get a strong urge to start line dancing when I hear her new country songs, and I know many others do as well. I wonder if Blue Ivy would get on stage and line dance for her mom’s next tour. I think Blue Ivy would blow everyone’s socks off with her newfound country dance moves.  

During the Super Bowl, Beyonce announced her new country album “Act II”, which begs the question, why did Yonce go country? Let’s not forget that our Queen B was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and actually has released a country-style song in her album, “Lemonade,” called “Daddy Lessons”. Her shift to the country genre may seem shocking, but it seems that country music runs through her blood. Basically, she was born to be a country music star which makes sense that her new singles are a masterpiece.

Beyoncé is now the first Black woman to have a number-one song on the country charts. This is a cultural shift in country music that has been well-awaited.  “Texas Hold ‘Em” also debuted at number two on the Hot 100 chart, right below Jack Harlow’s “Lovin on Me” and right above Kanye West and Ty Dollar $ign’s new song “Carnival.” Beyoncé has now opened the door for many other Black country artists, as that genre of music is dominated by white males. She has made her voice heard, loud and clear. Beyoncé is a breath of fresh air in country music that is going to redefine what country music is and should be. 

This country album is going to flip the music industry upside down and turn it inside out at the same time. It amazes me that I like Beyoncé’s country songs here more than a lot of my favorite country artists. She truly has done it AGAIN! I cannot wait to hear this new album, as I know it will be a massive success and a beautiful work of art. How lucky are we to get to witness Beyoncé make history once again?

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