Once the turkey has been served and the leftovers are packed away in the fridge, it’s time to bring out the Christmas cheer. The perfect way to do this is by seeing the famous Rockettes in the best city in the world. For years, my family and I have been going to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York City. Not only have I seen it about 10 times, but I could probably perform the whole routine. Yet, there’s nothing like Christmas time at Radio City Music Hall.

Our post-Thanksgiving showing on Friday, Nov. 24, started off with a welcome from Santa Claus and his reindeer, otherwise known as the Rockettes. These long-legged gals joined Santa in his “trek” through NYC. One of the best aspects of the show proved to be the graphics through the use of 3D glasses for an experience on the big screen. It featured an animated Santa, along with his reindeer, traveling from the North Pole to Radio City. The graphics proved to be even more impressive as the walls of the hall showed a winter wonderland that made the audience feel as if we were actually there. It displayed elves building snowmen and reindeer flying through the air in the North Pole.

The best part about memorizing the whole show is that I knew exactly when my favorite parts would be coming up. One of my favorite parts is in the beginning when a young girl named Clara dances with bears in a ballet-style piece. This features some of those famous melodies from “The Nutcracker.” There’s something about bears dancing in pointe shoes that really grabs your attention. Another favorite of mine is the Rockettes performing as toy soldiers. Their in-sync dancing reaches an impressive milestone in this scene. They show off their skills even more as they fall on top of one another in a slow motion domino effect that got the audience’s approval in a loud round of applause.

The ending of the show takes on a more dramatic and serious tone as the setting of The Nativity is shown and “The First Noel” is sung. We can see Mary and Joseph standing next to baby Jesus in the manger as people come to see them, presenting gifts. The scene seems so realistic due to the inclusion of actual sheep and camels.

The Christmas cheer was truly “spectacular” throughout the hour and 20-minute show. Whether you’re an avid city goer or you’re from another part of New England, the show is a must-see during the Christmas season.

There’s truly nothing like Christmas in New York City!

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