This past Tuesday, British musician Sam Smith took to Twitter to officially announce his involvement with the theme song for the new James Bond movie, “Spectre.” The new track is titled “Writing’s On the Wall.”

There has been much speculation over who would sing the title track for the past couple months with candidates like pop singer Ellie Goulding and even the band Radiohead.

Smith, however, had been the most favorable, even with constant denial of having any attachment to the production of the song.

Smith, who actually recorded the song back in January, had been forced to remain quiet about the experience for months.

With each new Bond film, there is an opening sequence that sets the tone for the movie.

In the past, Grammy award-winning musicians and other popular artists like Tina Turner, Paul McCartney, Madonna and Alicia Keys have written and performed the themes for Bond movies with varying amounts of success.

One of the more notable releases came recently with Adele, who sang the theme for the movie “Skyfall,” and went on to win an Oscar.

With the addition of Smith to the list of musicians who have performed Bond title tracks, there is a little bit of an attempt on the producer’s part to achieve the same magic that occurred with Adele’s release.

Smith, who is fresh off his multiple award-winning debut album, “In the Lonely Hour,” is following a similar path as Adele upon entering the studio to record “Skyfall,” who also achieved massive success with her own debut back in 2011. 

Smith will also be the first male solo artist since Tom Jones, who recorded “Thunderball”  back in 1965, to sing an opening title for the Bond movies.

With “Spectre” set for release on Nov. 6, the accompanying  title track will be released on Sept. 26 in order to promote the upcoming film.

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