Ellis Ludwig-Leone, San Fermin Composer / Bandleader / Keyboard

Ellis Ludwig-Leone, San Fermin Composer / Bandleader / Keyboard

San Fermin / Thursday Jan. 29 / on StageOne / $20 / Doors: 7:00 P.M.

Brooklyn-based San Fermin hit the road in full force after their Jan. 20 release of  “Jackrabbit”. The single track is a mere glimpse of what is to come for the band’s second studio album, to be released April 21.

Backed by brilliant composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone, the eight piece epic rock band will take the stage at Fairfield Theatre Company, ready to reveal the rest of the albums unheard treasures.

“Jackrabbit” seamlessly weaves Ludwig-Leone’s composed melody and lyrics with the band’s  indie rock persona and gigantic sound. The tune borders mainstream pop with an aggressive edge, appealing to musicians and music lovers of all genres.

Charlene Kaye (vocals) brings a strong feminine breath behind the microphone that gives “Jackrabbit” a refreshing, yet familiar sound after each listen. “Jackrabbit” is a beautiful landscape painted across your ear as the band crescendos into a rock anthem as Kaye passionately sings “Run for the hills, Run.”

San Fermin’s December 2014 single release of “Parasites” will also be featured on the upcoming album. “Parasites” includes Ludwig-Leone’s longtime friend and bandmate, Allen Tate, on vocals with Raye. Together Raye’s croon lines paired with Tate’s low-bass range spread the entire sonic spectrum. Harmonious vocal breaks and choral like chants contrast the dirty saxophone lines of Stephen Chen.

“Parasites” contrast the overwhelming force of “Jackrabbit” with an honest and wholesome rhythm section in addition to the sweeping violin lines of Rebekah Durham. Dissonance and immense creativity lie behind this track; proof that Ellis Ludwig-Leone has an acute attention to detail when it comes to music.

Ludwig-Leone studied music at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. and set off to work on his debut album after graduating in 2011. Ellis transformed San Fermin from the produced compositions on his laptop to include a road proven ensemble comprised of  Ludwig-Leone, Allen Tate, Charlene Kaye, Rebekah Durham, John Brandon, Stephen Chen, Tyler McDiarmid, and Mike Hanf.

After their debut release, The New York Times and Pitchfork hailed San Fermin as one of the most ambitious debuts of 2013. In  its overwhelming success,  San Fermin fans eagerly await the release of a second jaw-dropping album, “Jackrabbit.”

Ellis Ludwig-Leone can attribute this success to “sensibility.” When you’re writing music “you have to let the song take you somewhere,” and the same goes when performing and listening.

With such a diverse background, Ludwig-Leone is influenced from all types of music stemming back to his childhood, including the years he was trained in classical music.

“This [San Fermin] is a mixture of a lot of stuff; the music I listened to at 10 years old and the music in the last few months,” said the Brooklyn Composer. “You have to add your own take and  find your own voice. The more I do this, the more influences that come into the music.”

Likewise, for young musicians Ellis stated “while your learning, be as open to as much as you can because it can be handy later on  down the line.” More importantly you must “write the music you want to write!”

When San Fermin takes the stage at FTC all of their life experiences will squeeze into the intimate 225 seat venue.

“If people in Fairfield come to see San Fermin it will an experience they won’t forget because it its the first time new music is being played,” Said Ellis Ludwig-Leone.

San Fermin’s StageOne appearance is one of the few tour dates to reach New England with guest artist, White Hinterland. After heading down to The Barns at Wolf Trap (Vienna, VA) and Gild Hall (Arden, DE) San Fermin will be at The Appel Room (New York, Ny) on Feb. 12. After the Savannah Stopover Music Festival the band will tour overseas through the beginning of May 2015.


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