Every Friday one of my rituals is checking out the recent releases section of Spotify to see the latest and greatest in music for the week. Not only do I look through the recent releases, which showcases some of the more popular artist releases, but the “Release Radar” playlist that is curated specifically to my music taste has proven to be a great place for me to find new music that I love. That being said, here are some of the best new releases from the last week.


“After Hours” – The Weeknd — If you are a fan of The Weeknd’s older albums, this song is for you. My favorite album of his has always been “Trilogy,” and “After Hours” has the same dark rhythmic vibe as that era of his work.


“Bad Decisions” – The Strokes — If you never had a Strokes obsession in your life, were you ever really an emo high school kid? “Bad Decisions” is on par with a lot of The Strokes’ previous work, and is reminiscent of the ever amazing “Reptilia.” Truly, this song makes me want to go back to my days of listening to Young The Giant, Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend and The Black Keys.


“Old Me” – 5 Seconds of Summer — 5 Seconds of Summer is another band that takes me back, though they have certainly changed their sound since I was a middle school girl listening to “She Looks So Perfect.” They have certainly grown in sound since then, and this song is a perfect example of their new pop sound that relies less on a rock vibe and more on a touch of house music.


“Modern Loneliness” – Lauv — This song made me so sad but it is really good.  Lauv has a soothing voice in my opinion, and has been killing it in the last year. He rose to fame after the popularity of his song “I Like Me Better,” which was in the first “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” film. This song is just one solid pop song off his new album ‘~how im feeling~.”


“Birthday Party” – The 1975 — I did a double take when I started listening to this song and I realized it was The 1975. It has a totally different feel than their usual, but I have to say I like the change up. This acoustic, slow song has a super calming pop feel that, though different for the band, is very welcome in my opinion.


“Strangers” – Mt. Joy — I saved this song to my library almost immediately. I don’t know much about Mt. Joy but after doing some research I realized they have a song titled “Julia” so basically I have to like them (the only other good song with that title is by The Beatles and it is SO SAD).


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