Fairfield University students gathered at the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater to watch Grammy-nominated artist, Flo Rida, perform. This event marked the long-awaited return of the Fairfield University Student Association’s Spring Concert. 

I was worried that having the Spring Concert off-campus would take away from the overall event, but I kind of enjoyed it. My friends and I did not take a bus on the way to the event, so I can’t speak to that experience personally as we opted to take an Uber. However, we did attempt to get home on a bus which was an incredibly overwhelming experience that resulted in us taking yet another Uber. Masses of Fairfield students swarmed the buses and I would compare the first round of buses leaving to the Cornucopia scene from the “Hunger Games.” 

The concert itself was a really fun time, and I am glad my friends were able to convince me to go. I would never have purchased tickets to see Flo Rida perform if it wasn’t an event like this, but he knew how to get the crowd fired up! It was definitely a super fun concert. The venue is outdoors and on the smaller side, but for Fairfield students in attendance, they all had pit tickets. Students gathered close to the stage and watched as Flo Rida performed. 

One of the highlights of the concert was how interactive he was with Fairfield students, which made it special. One of the things I was worried about since it wasn’t hosted on Fairfield’s campus was how Fairfield-related it would be. He really made sure to get the students involved and even at the end of the concert put on a Stags basketball jersey with “Flo Rida” written on the back. He also even substituted some of the lyrics for “Fairfield!”

Even though I wouldn’t consider Flo Rida to be my favorite artist of all time, or even top 10 – it seemed as though everyone in the crowd, including myself, knew the words to every song he performed. 

Hits such as “Where Them Girls At,” “My House,” “Whistle” and “Low” had the crowd going crazy. Another fan favorite seemed to be “Who Dat Girl.” It was really exciting to see everyone in the crowd just jump and dance along to his performances. The high energy nature of his songs made for a great concert environment and really kept the attention of the audience for the duration of his set. 

Seeing him bring students up on stage including members of FUSA and other audience members near the front of the barricade made my night. It was really fun to watch people I am friends with, have classes with, or have just seen around campus up on stage with him. 

At one point, he even left the stage, riding on the shoulders of one of the security guards going to various spots near the edge of the pit. Students ran alongside Flo Rida and gave everyone in attendance an unforgettable moment. I’ve never been to a concert where that happened before! 

Personally, I wish the concert was longer than it was. I was having so much fun in the crowd with my friends. It was so nice to be able to do something that we were unable to do for so long. FUSA’s 2022 Spring Concert featuring Flo Rida was a hit and a strong start for the return of the event. I just hope next year we are able to have it on campus again!

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