Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour absolutely took over Summer 2023. It was the concert everyone was talking about, and if you didn’t personally go, chances are that you know at least one Swiftie who did. While I was not in attendance at an Eras Tour show myself, my three roommates all kicked off their summers seeing Taylor Swift at Gillette Stadium. I sat down with them to chat about the concert and ask the question that we’ve all been thinking … was the Eras Tour really worth the hype?

Juniors Kate Enriquez, Jenna LaRochelle and Erin Resnick were more than happy to share their experiences with me. Enriquez’s face lit up as she talked about the show, “it was just beautiful,” she started off with. Enriquez had the unique experience of going to the Eras Tour twice, on both May 19 and 21 at Gillette Stadium. “A lot of people ask me if I spent a fortune on tickets, but I spent less than two hundred dollars for both nights combined,” she shared. I would consider that a pretty good deal for the concert of the summer! 

LaRochelle was lucky enough to snag a decently priced ticket in pre-sale, which her friend battled in “the queue of Ticketmaster from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.” to get. Sounds like being in the pre-sale line was “The Great War!” LaRochelle thought that the price she paid for her ticket was definitely worth it, saying “your money was well spent because [Swift] did not skimp on the quality of her show.” She continued that even though her seat was high up in the stadium, she still felt immersed in the concert experience. Resnick echoed this, saying “I think [Swift] knew that people spent a lot of money, so she really put her all into the show.”

All three concert-goers agreed that the word “production” best described the show that Swift put on. From fireworks to backup dancers to light-up bracelets for audience members, this concert really had it all. Resnick added that she “didn’t mind being in the nosebleeds because even the seats higher up get a whole view of the arena with all the lights and effects.” 

When asked why the Eras Tour stands out from other concerts, Enriquez answered that “you could tell [Swift] put so much effort into choosing the songs and deciding which era to go into next.” She also marveled over the length of the show, which was “a little over three hours long.” As an artist with over 230 songs, Swift definitely made sure that her fans were experiencing everything from “Debut” to “Midnights”. 

LaRochelle noted that one of the best things about the Eras Tour was that it really was for everyone. “I feel like it was enjoyable for anyone who was there,” she shared, “and the fact that it was an eras tour means she played songs from each era that every fan would like.” It sounds like no matter which T-Swift era you prefer, you were sure to hear one of your favorite songs played live! Resnick agreed with this, saying that “the atmosphere was very fun, and there were a lot of different people there. Mothers, daughters, dads, friends–everyone had a fun time!” 

When asked if they encountered any negative experiences about the show, Enriquez was the first to jump in, saying that “leaving the Gillette Stadium parking lot was a zoo.” Just the mere thought of thousands of Swifties flooding out of the parking lot at the same time is enough to give me a lifetime of road rage. Props to whoever battled the T-Swift traffic! 

LaRochelle had a difficult time coming up with anything negative, and the only thing that didn’t pique her interest was that the weather was a little hot and her feet were hurting by the end of the night.

Resnick also struggled to recall any gripes, and her only complaint was that the merchandise line was a little too lengthy. Overall, the girls had very few negative things to share about their experience! 

When asked if the Eras Tour was worth the hype, all three Swift fans unanimously said yes, and that they would all do it again if given the chance. Resnick shared that she lives near Gillette Stadium, and the craze in Foxborough leading up to the show was like nothing she had seen before. She said that “there were signs on the road days before the concert warning people not to drive there. People who live near the stadium were renting out their lawns for concert-goers to park there. I definitely think the concert was worth the hype, but it’s insane how much reach [Swift] has.” 

It’s undeniable that Taylor Swift took over the summer with the Eras Tour, and from what I gathered from my Swiftie roommates, the concert was everything it was hyped up to be!

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