It’s that time of year! School’s out for the week and it’s time to crank the jams on your spring break travels. Music guides us and holds our hands through all the emotions of life. Crafting the perfect playlist for a spring break adventure can be challenging, but I got your back! Let me introduce you to some killer tunes with a variety of different styles that will be the soundtrack to a needed week off. 

Everyone has different spring break vibes, and I’m here to provide multiple playlists that relate to all spring break moods. If you are traveling and find yourself tanning on the beach or hitting the slopes, here is an upbeat playlist to get you moving and grooving. 

  1. “Another Day In Paradise” by Quinn XCII 
  2. “Close to You” by Dayglow 
  3. “Adventure of a Lifetime” by Coldplay 
  4. “Someone to You” by BANNERS
  5. “Best Song Ever” by One Direction  
  6. “Brand New” by Ben Rector 
  7. “Little Lion Man” by Mumford & Sons 
  8. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Martin Gaye, Tammi Terrell 
  9. “American Teen” by Khalid 
  10. “Pennies From Heaven” by Louis Prima

For those of you who are in your feels, and your spring break will consist of sleeping, eating and binging movies, here are a couple of moody songs that will mellow you out. 

  1. “Stick Season” by Noah Kahan 
  2. “Two Ghosts” by Harry Styles 
  3. “11 Blocks” by Wrabel 
  4. “The View Between Villages” by Noah Kahan 
  5. “Boston” by Augustana  
  6. “Homegrown” by Zac Brown Band 
  7. “Illicit Affairs” by Taylor Swift 
  8. “Put a Little Love On Me” by Niall Horan 
  9. “Get Well Soon” by Ariana Grande 
  10. “Something in the Orange” by Zach Bryan 

My Country music lovers, I am here for you! Let me suggest some amazing country songs that will aid you in your travels and are easy car karaoke jams.

  1. “One Thing At A Time” by Morgan Wallen
  2. “Dance Her Home” by Cody Johnson 
  3. “Drink Had Me” by Jordan Davis 
  4. “To a T” by Ryan Hurd 
  5. “1, 2 Many” by Luke Combs, Brookes & Dunn  
  6. “There Was This Girl” by Riley Green 
  7. “I Like The Sound Of That” by Rascal Flatts  
  8. “Nights On Fire” by David Nail 
  9. “Tennessee Orange” by Megan Moroney 
  10. “Stay A Little Longer” by Brothers Orsborne 

If you are going through a breakup or love isn’t on your side, I’ve got some songs for you. These songs will have you screaming in anger because you know you deserve better! 

  1. “Better Than Revenge” by Taylor Swift 
  2. “Gives You Hell” by The All-American Rejects 
  3. “Needed Me” by Rihanna 
  4. “IDGAF” by Dua Lipa 
  5. “Break Your Heart Right Back” by Ariana Grande  
  6. “Lights Out” by bludymph 
  7. “Sorry” by Beyonce 
  8. “I Forgot That You Existed” by Taylor Swift  
  9. “No Scrubs” by TLC 
  10. “I Hope” by Gabby Barrett 

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what music mood you are in, trust me I’ve been there. Let me suggest some random songs that you never would’ve thought to listen to during spring break! 

  1. “Heaven” by Niall Horan 
  2. “Sun To Me” by Zach Bryan   
  3. “Knew Better/Forever Boy” by Ariana Grande  
  4. “Don’t Throw it Away” by The Jonas Brothers 
  5. “Love Me Back” by Bebe Stockwell  
  6. “Un Año” by by Reik and Sebastián Yatra
  7. “The Story” by Brandi Carlile 
  8. “Someone New” by Hozier 
  9. “Reflecting Light” by Sam Phillips 
  10. “She Calls Me Back” by Noah Kahan  

No matter what your spring break plans are, I hope these songs guide you through your time off!

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