Like meditation, a yoga to clear the mind, music encapsulates us in time and when we open our eyes we are overwhelmed by its spirit. From the towering trees to the green forests of Vermont and the northern woods of Maine serenity is born. The forest speaks and Mother Nature accompanies us in solitude.

It is true, Acoustic singer-songwriter, Trevor Hall, has become product of his humble surroundings.

After eight years of touring the country, Hall made this retreat with his wife in order to reconnect. Amongst the trees, they became one with their environment, “we buried our feet, hands, heads and hearts into our Mother Earth … Listening to and learning from Her Great Song,” said

“I didn’t know if or when I was coming back,” said Hall.

While away, Hall began to transform this silence into music. The forest brought back vivid memories of other ‘quiet places’ that hall had visited, especially those of India and Nepal. His collection of poems, lyrics and memories blossomed into a tranquil bliss, thus ‘The Chapter of the Forest’ was born.

“These songs are for my own healing purposes,” said Hall.You do not have to retreat to the forest, live in an ashram, or study in India under a classic Baul musician, like Hall had done, to find spirituality.

Its is the power and simplicity that will spark your own inspirations in life. Through mediums of music, painting, drawing, or from sitting in silence we find bliss.

“The main common denominator is the intention,” added Hall. So in this cluttered world we can create our own intentions, using these powers for our own self healing.

“I’m not trying to teach anyone,” said Hall. “As a kid different things were important to me…as you grow, experiences shape and humble you. [Now] I hope I’m more humble.”

Over Hall’s career he has performed with artist such as Ziggy Marley, Steel Pulse, Matisyahu, Stevie Nicks, Ben Harper and Colbie Caillat. In addition, Hall’s “Other Ways” was featured on Shrek the Third: Motion Picture Soundtrack (May 15, 2007).

Upon his latest release, ‘Chapter of the Forest’ (June 17 2014) was awarded the number two spot on iTunes singer-songwriter charts and claimed seventeenth for overall albums. In its immediate success the album remains only a small portion of the Small Is Beautiful Tour, Fall 2014.

Hall has teamed up with LoveYourBrain, an outreach campaign born from professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce’s inspiring story and award-winning documentary, The Crash Reel. LoveYourBrain is a social movement geared toward improving people’s lives through music, yoga and a mindful approach that focuses on brain injury prevention, rehabilitation and overall brain health’ (

“I am thankful for everyone’s support,” said Hall. “I share my inspiration in hopes to inspire others.”

The Small Is Beautiful Tour is not only supporting LoveYourBrain, but also an ashram in Allahbad, India. One-hundred percent of the proceeds collected from “Love Your Brain” t-shirts sold will go back to Pearce’s foundation in addition, all donations collected will go to the ashram, home of Hall’s Guru, where underprivileged and orphaned children are given the chance to improve and traditional Vedic education.

“The person I learned the most things from were the people who didn’t tell me what to do,” said Hall.

Throughout the tour these intimate moments and experiences have bled into each and every performance. Hall explained how each venue has its own intimate atmosphere and Fairfield Theatre Company’s Stage One is no exception.

“Being naked, musically, on stage” said Hall, really helps the purity and intimacy of each performance. From the journey that is ‘Chapter of the Forest’ we remember and try to live in the moment.

Hall will be accompanied by upright bass and percussion along with special guest Cas Haley. The trio will be ending the tour at Stage One on October 29th, 7:45 P.M.


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