WVOF’s Weekly Top 10:


1) “Beautiful Trauma”

By: P!nk

After taking a break from making music for a couple years, P!nk just released the album

“Beautiful Trauma” on Friday, Oct. 13. This album titled song is just what fans wanted to hear; inspirational and powerful.


2) “Headphones”


Following their big summer hit from 2015, “Shut up and Dance,” “Headphones” is a different

type of sound from their usually lighter pop vibe. It leaves you wanting more and dancing

through your room.


3) “High End”

By: Chris Brown, Future, Young Thug

The combination of all these artists leaves you with a song that is perfect for numerous

occasions, from motivating you to get through that last rep in the gym to Friday night.


4) “New York”

By: St. Vincent

Simple and unique are the best words to describe the rising indie rockstar that is

St. Vincent. She combines her unique voice with soothing rhythms to create this masterpiece

great for rainy Sundays.


5) “Feels Good”

By: Cheat Codes, Fetty Wap, CVBZ

This combination of Cheat Code, Fetty Wap and CVBZ is something that should have

happened a long time ago. Its strong pop sound leaves you with a smile on your face and the ability to dance your problems away.


6) “Crimson Line”

By: Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Sneakers

This small indie pop ensemble out of Mount Pleasant, Mich. delivers everything that

an indie pop song should be along with a slight twist of electronic influences that can be heard

throughout the song. This band is a must watch to see where they go.


7) “Warm Glow”

By: Hippo Campus

Now on their first European tour, it is clear to see how they have gotten there. Every song

they come out with is pure gold thanks to the unforgettable voice of lead singer, Jake Luppen,

and the distinctive musicality of each member.


8) “Sunflower”

By: Meltycanon

When turning on Meltycanon it feels like you are listening to the next Chance the Rapper

or Frank Ocean. “Sunflower” is the perfect song to keep on your playlist whether it be for a study or gym session because of its high energy.


9) “Written In The Scars”

By: Galantis, Wrabel

Galantis is always a great artist to look toward for upbeat party anthems. However,

“Written In The Scars” is a slower song that turns into an intricate beat during the chorus, leaving you wanting more.


10) “Creatures”

By: Glass House Point

This is a great song for the times you need to relax and focus on homework. The band keeps you on your toes with the soothing slow melodies that quickly change into bursts of catchy guitar.

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