As downtown Fairfield bids the night farewell, the Fairfield Theatre Company flips on the party switch for the indie event of the fall as Yo La Tengo touches down at the warehouse this Saturday night.

Yo La Tengo has functioned as a quartet for over 30 years, evolving their sound and technical possibilities as technology progresses. The indie electro-pop trio from Hoboken, N.J. have also established themselves as a live mainstain, even amongst the current, competitive landscape of indie rock performers.

The key to their success?

Husband and wife duo, Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley, as well as bassist James McNew, have kept core structure intact since 1992 despite the 14 various bass players the couple kept in rotation until McNew was brought on for the recording of “May I Sing With Me.”

It also doesn’t hurt that the group has dabbled in everything from garage rock to film scoring for films such as “Old Joy” and “Game 6.”

However, 2015 proved to be the revival period for Yo La Tengo as the trio released the much anticipated “Stuff Like That There” to critical praise across the board, as well as charting at No. 96 on the US Billboard Top 100 albums on the week of its release. The group also managed to perform on the season six finale of “Parks and Recreation” as a “Night Ranger” cover band to comedic effect.

“Stuff Like That There” simplifies the formula for the group as they retrace their steps through indie history and offer unique covers of The Cure, Sun Ra and Hank Williams. Boasting a somber outlook and rendition of past songs, the trio brings new life to their catalogue and offers material that is as timeless as the performers themselves.

Since the release of the record, the group has remained on the road throughout the globe, making stopovers everywhere between New York and the Netherlands, showcasing why they’re still one of the top live bands on the market — ranking No. 24 on Consequence of Sound’s “25 Best Rock Acts with Unique Setlists” list.
In support of the latest record, Yo La Tengo will play host for the evening at the warehouse in downtown Fairfield — across the street from the StagBus train station stop — for a two set, intimate show. If you catch yourself with a free night or just want a reprieve from your courseload, Yo La Tengo will give you a reason to party in your “autumn sweater.”

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