There are always a few indications for me that spring is on the horizon. It may be the grass turning greener, the melting ponds or the ducks and rabbits up and awake with the sun out. Sometimes it could be people leaving winter jackets at home and driving around with their windows down. Or, it might be my roommate ordering an extensive collection of bathing suits and strutting through the apartment. 

But, whatever it is, spring is definitely almost here. With that comes odd weather patterns and a confusing selection of clothes for you to choose from. And while I would no way describe myself as a “fashionista,” I would say I have some sort of style. I desire to simply have the same aesthetic as if Olivia Pope was the manager of the Rolling Stones.

Continually, I do have a few fashion expert roommates, so let’s try walking through some tips and tricks together. Hopefully, I can help you in some way!

  1. Umbrella: 

I don’t follow this advice at all, and I regret it all the freaking time! Maybe you’re a super prepared person, who’s got it all figured out, but my coat doesn’t have a hood. So, I’m always stuck with that weird damp frizzy hair after a quick run to class. Honestly, springtime in Fairfield can be so temperamental. So if you don’t have an umbrella, look around for something with a hood like a rain jacket or a poncho. That, or dig around in your backpack for the notebook you use the least and just hold that above your beautifully styled hair.

  1. No Light Jackets:

Maybe this is controversial, but I don’t see the point in those middle ground winter coats built for that spring/fall weather. I think it’s simply a rite of passage into the season to either wear your down-filled winter coat and stifle. Or chose to wear nothing in an attempt to trick spring into coming sooner and thus just shiver on your walk back to your dorm. 

I do have this old huge jean jacket I bought at a thrift store somewhere like 9 or 10 years ago, and now it’s perfect. Old worn denim, like a men’s extra-large, and I just throw it over every outfit. I used to like it because I felt like Hailey James in “One Tree Hill” with Nathan’s jacket, but now I just like it because it’s soft. 

  1. Get a Blazer:

If you’re an active member of my Instagram followers or just have interacted with me before, you know I love a good blazer. I think it’s fun, cool and it fits right into my business casual wheelhouse. But I honestly think a blazer is a great purchase, especially during summer internship application time. You can throw it over basically anything, and you’ll look professional. 

I personally love a basic turtleneck under a bold colored blazer. But as the weather warms up, I start to play around with the old, cool graphic tees. It makes me look distinctly, not like I watch Antiques Roadshow for fun, but it gives me a youthful glow I need.

  1. Dress and Sweater:

A super cute combo that makes me feel kind of like I teach school, but not in a bad way. Starting in the spring, I like to start warming up my summer clothes by getting them out and then just using layers. I’ll throw a sleeveless dress on with a cardigan or blazer and feel super cute out and about. It is honestly a pain to start shaving my legs again, but the dress look makes up for it. 

  1. Sunglasses:

I’m really quite blind, so I can’t play around with all the fun sunglasses at Marshalls or Francesca’s, but for all of my 20/20 folks and contact users, I don’t know why you’re not. I’m talking about the need for us all to leave behind the Ray-Ban look or just those black basic ones and stretch out into that ridiculous late 90s style. With those tinted rose color heart-shaped things or vibrant kelly green squares. I’m a true believer in the advice, “Life’s too short for boring sunglasses,” so hop to choosing some exciting ones.

  1. Have Fun, Be Fun, Live Your Life:

As always, my biggest fashion advice is to be yourself and wear what makes you happy. There’s never any reason not to wear something because you feel you might be judged for not fitting into what’s in trend. I’m going to be honest with you; the whole “trend” thing is made up. It’s always the people going against the trend, wearing what they want with their head held high and brimming with confidence, who get noticed. So, when choosing what to wear this spring, I urge you to wear whatever you want.


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