After a bumpy start, The Nauti Dolphin has finally settled into its new home at the Levee.

Co-owner Greg Roberts explained the hectic transition from renovations, inspections and menu adjustments. “We didn’t have much time at all,” said Roberts, wishing he had had more time to adjust. “We moved in a week before school began.”

For the time being, The Nauti Dolphin has utilized the original menu from their other location near the Fairfield train station. Pizza pies, pastas, grinders and turnovers make up the majority of the menu. Roberts wanted to work out all the kinks from the basic dishes before experimenting with new menu options.

Roberts struggled to provide an equivalent to the famous turnovers from Angelo’s Pizza. After receiving much feedback, Roberts made several adjustments to the recipe, portion and price, which in turn made his turnovers hard to beat.

The majority of students have had nothing but good things to say. Junior Jake Boudreau said, “My favorite pizza is the margherita.” Although Boudreau is not a regular at The Nauti Dolphin, he added, “I haven’t a bad pizza, but still need to try the turnover to see if they come close to Angelo’s.”

Likewise, Roberts was happy about all the positivity he has encountered in many of his customers. This is not specific to only Fairfield students; members of the staff, administration and Fairfield Prep students find themselves also digging in to The Nauti Dolphin’s menu.

“Things are just different,” said Roberts. “I am used to getting home by 10 p.m. and now we are open as late as 2 a.m.,” as Roberts jokingly referred to himself as a “night-owl.” Roberts plans to provide lunch during university holidays for Prep school students, but was also happy to have some vacation time.

Roberts seemed to humbly take the good with the bad. Now he is “happy to be here.”

“Everything is going as planned,” added Roberts, smiling. With over 20 years in the business, Roberts is confident that things will continue to run smoothly.

The Nauti Dolphin is rated at more than four stars on several websites, such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. Both locations have free delivery and reasonable pricing.

Boudreau recalled the first week of school when The Nauti Dolphin was giving away free samples of new pizzas. “I’m sure big things are coming soon.”

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