Nerd alert!!!! Course registration is happening very soon, so you might just be in need of that final class to finish up your schedule, or you might still need all five, that’s what I’m here for. 

And because I’ve been called a nerd more than a few times, mostly by my sister, I believe I’m qualified to suggest some courses. Below, I’ll suggest some of the best courses I’ve ever taken at Fairfield University, as well as offer courses from other majors and minors. 

As an English and Spanish major with a minor in Education, my favorite courses are obviously going to be in the humanities. But, an education class that everyone at Fairfield should take is Explorations in Education (EDUC 2201). If you don’t plan on teaching, the course offers valuable information anyone should know—whether you’re going to be in politics or just a parent—it helps to know about the education system today. 

When it comes to English courses, there are too many good ones to list just a few, but I’ll try. Native American Literature (ENGL 2081), Young Adult Literature (ENGL 3073) and Latinx Literature (ENGL 2082).

On to Spanish. Any class with Professor Farell is a win. But, Hispanic Film (SPAN 3271) offered me so many new perspectives. And, it’s a Magis Core Interdisciplinary and Visual & Performing Arts credit for anyone still looking! Close runner-ups would be Bilingualism in the Spanish Speaking World. 

Now, into some other courses for other majors and minors. Caitlin Shea ‘27 and Fiona Wagner ‘27 are both Digital Journalism majors and have taken Intro to Film and Video Production (FTMA 1011) class together every Wednesday. They profess their love for the class as they love the creative freedom and can choose a lot of the projects they do. “It’s very hands-on too!” 

Sophomore Ben McKeon, a nursing major, likes a class he’s taking this semester, Career Spanish for Nursing and Health Studies (SPAN 3231N) . He knows his course will be valuable for his career later in life. 

Fellow nursing student Bailey Taylor ‘24 loved her maternity course (NURS 3314) which included a clinical at Stamford Hospital. “I was helping a woman deliver her baby, it was very emotional. It’s a great experience Fairfield provides!” 

In the business world, Jennifer Fajardo ‘25 had a great time in her Intro to Financial Accounting course (ACCT 1011). Easily won over by treats, Fajardo recounts how the professor “brought cookies and candy to class.”

Politics majors enter the scene as Crystal Arbelo ‘27 is thoroughly enjoying her American Politics course (POLI 1101) with Prof. Balkaran. “Class is more like an open discussion that allows students to use their own experiences to relate to and help define the workings of American Government” she relays. 

Erin Resnick ‘25, a Communications major and Education minor, enjoyed Explorations in Education. Thanks, Resnick for backing up my point above and shoutout future teachers!

I hope at least some of these courses are open for registration next semester, but if not, make sure to keep an eye out for them in the Fall! 

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