Fairfield’s hip-hop/electro music blog is back again with another hit playlist. Check out www.StagsFlow.com to download all of the songs on the list.

“Wash Away” by Radical Something

This is Radical Something’s latest release, fresh off their EP “No Sweat.” Their sound is getting really polished, and every song they release is better than the last. “Wash Away” is their cleanest one yet. Loggy’s verses have a sick Sublime/Rebelution feel, and Josh Cocktail’s vocals are unbelievable. Check out the video for this one up on the site now.

“Action” by 3LAU

3LAU has been exploding in popularity recently. He just made his first major Beatport debut and then decided to drop this mashup/bootleg for his fans. There’s a few different samples in this one, like Tristan Garner’s “Punx,” vocals from Usher & Diplo’s “Climax” and some Neon Hitch vocals. It’s incredibly upbeat and the drops and buildups are insane.

“Where Are You (B.o.B. vs. Bobby Ray)” by B.o.B.

B.o.B. is getting back to the style that made him huge before the drop of his heavily pop-influenced debut album “The Adventures of Bobby Ray.” Leading up to the release of his sophomore album, he’s been dropping a ton of hard-hitting hip-hop tracks, and this is another sick one. B.o.B. is at his best when he is just straight rapping, and that’s what he does on this one.

“Thoughts From A Balcony” by Mac Miller

Mac Miller dropped his highly anticipated mix tape “Macadelic” this week, and this is by far my favorite song off of the project. For this one, he teamed up with the producer Sap again. Some of you may recognize that name because he also produced Mac’s hit single off of his Best Day Ever mix tape, “Donald Trump.” They combined for another hit on this one. Mac’s verses are super smooth and the beat is unreal. Feel good music at its best.

“Break” by Markus Cole

Markus Cole is an up-and-coming EDM producer out of Toronto, Canada who recently sent us a few of his tracks. This was the best of the bunch. It’s got everything you’re looking for in a house/electro song. There’s a catchy synth melody, big drops and bass for days. This is definitely one you’ll want to check out.

“Nothing Back” by Huey Mack, feat. Scolla & Mike Stud

Huey Mack is a guy who’s been hit-or-miss in the past, but he hit the nail right on the head with this one. This is another song perfect for the nice weather we’ve been having in Fairfield. The hook is really catchy, and all three rappers deliver solid verses.

“Last Dance” by Avicii

This track actually just dropped yesterday, but it had to be included in this playlist. Anything from Avicii is going to grab your attention right away. The Swedish super-producer killed it at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, complete with an introduction from Madonna. This is his newest track, but it’s not an official release yet. My guess is there will be some changes made, but it’s definitely more fire from the young Swede.

“Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber

I honestly couldn’t believe I was writing the Bieb’s name on this one, but I had to. Everybody loves Bieber; even those who say they hate him are still singing “Baby” like it’s their job. Bieber channeled his inner JT for his newest single “Boyfriend,” which was written and produced by Mike Posner. I don’t think I’m cool with Bieber EVER using the word “swag” on a song, but he did his thing on this one. This is definitely a more mature Bieber.

“Blowfish” by Sex Ray Vision

Sex Ray Vision murders it, and there’s not much more left to say. This is the first release off of their upcoming EP “Relax,” which drops Thursday. It’s unreal, and after hearing a preview of the EP, I can tell you it will blow your mind. Be on the lookout for the EP coming very soon and check out “Blowfish” in the meantime.

“Own Eyes” by D-WHY, feat. Local Natives

The best-dressed dude in the music game decided to change it up a bit for his latest track. D-WHY took The Local Natives’ song “Own Eyes” and put his own spin on it. This is a much slower song than you may be used to hearing from D-WHY, but it’s another solid song. His long awaited mix tape “Don’t Flatter Yourself” is coming soon.

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