If your parents are in town and you are looking for “the place” to have a quiet sit down meal or a relaxing lunch, Osianna may be just the place you are searching for.

Osianna Mediterranean Taverna is located on 70 Reef Road, just off Post Road near Firehouse Deli.

The cuisine is comprised of Italian and Grecian dishes, and the restaurant specializes in local seafood. The main indoor dining area is small, classic and well-decorated with three decadent vases illuminated in the wall.  

By the time the crowd of students waiting to buy Oktoberfest tickets outside of the Grape had dispersed on Wednesday, my roommate and I were overtaken by our hunger and began looking for a place to duck into. 

When we saw the red building with outdoor seating and the bright blue awning, we stopped the car to go explore. 

Once seated, it was apparent we were underdressed, but we shrugged it off because it could have meant we were in for a great meal. The waiter was patient as we decided on our orders, and a steady supply of pita and hummus kept us busy.

We decided to share the fried calamari for an appetizer, and I ordered hanger steak while my roommate decided on the Greek risotto and scallops. 

For students who are 21 and up, there was an entire menu of martini selections. Between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., Osianna offers brunch along with bottomless champagne, Bellinis, mimosas and bloody marys for $18 a person. 

The fried calamari arrived with lemons and tasted as it should: fresh, crispy and simple.

Our entrées were full of flavor; my steak was succulent and pink while my roommate’s scallops were well-balanced with his risotto. Overall, the meal was satisfying, but the atmosphere wasn’t as casual as we expected. 

By the time the dessert menu came along, I was too full of pita to order anything further, although many of the selections were appealing.

I give this restaurant 3.5 out of 5 only because it is not a reasonable choice for your average Fairfield student. Most students are under the legal age to drink and under budget to dine.

After the meal, I felt pleasant and satisfied. If you are concerned with feeling out of place, I would recommend dining here when your parents come to visit or when you need to impress a date. 

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