It is one of the saddest times of the year: the end of this season of “The Bachelor.” Now it will be another couple of months before ABC’s Bachelor content picks up with a new season of “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” and I couldn’t be sadder. Bachelor Monday is treated as an event with the utmost importance to me and my friends, and I never want it to end. However, that is the way these things go and I just have to accept it. So, here’s everything you need to know going into next Monday’s finale, with some of my opinions on how the show has gone so far! (obvious spoilers ahead!)

Our current bachelor, Peter Weber, is in the final stages of the show and he now has two women left, one of whom he will hopefully propose to during the last episode. I was so excited when I found out that Peter was going to be the Bachelor after being heartbroken over being sent home last season (I’m still confused, Hannah). However, I do have to say that he has let me down a little this season. As the hosts of the “Chicks in The Office” podcast said in the episode they released on Feb. 27, “He’s been making bad decisions left and right.” From trying to bring Hannah Brown back on the show during the first episode to bringing back Alayah, a girl who was causing problems with almost every other contestant on the show.  I know this is going to sound annoying because I am talking about a reality TV show, but this season has been plagued by petty drama. I truly at this point don’t want to root for any of these girls to get the final rose, because I have had enough with all of the crazy things that have happened. 

At the end of the “Fantasy Suite ” episode two weeks ago, Madison, one of the remaining contestants, walked out, and it was unclear what that meant for the rest of the season. Madison left after she and Peter talked through her feelings about pre-marital sex, where she said she would be uncomfortable staying on the show if Peter had slept with the other two women left. This has caused a wave of disagreement across the internet over whether or not she should have said what she did, but that is a topic for another article. This episode ended on a cliffhanger, with the audience not knowing who would be left in the final two. 

Then, this Monday, ABC aired the “Women Tell All,” episode, where they bring back all of the contestants who had been sent home earlier in the season. At the beginning of the episode, they showed the end of the last episode, where Madison came back for the rose ceremony and Victoria F. was sent home. Peter is now left to choose between Hannah Ann and Madison in the final episode of the show, on March 9. The rest of the episode was left to having the women rehash the drama that had occurred over the course of the season in front of a live studio audience, and yes, it was absolutely as crazy as it sounds. At one point all of the women were yelling over each other, while host Chris Harrison just looked on in silent horror, to give you a distinct image. They also brought out the girls who have gone home the most recently and allowed them to address Peter directly, in an exchange that was highly uncomfortable. The most groundbreaking moment from this episode was the appearance by Rachel Lindsay, the bachelorette from season 13 of the show, who was also the show’s first African-American bachelorette. She spoke about the amount of online hate that the contestants on the show received and how the online culture surrounding the show needs to change. 

It is usually during this episode that the viewing audience is able to get some kind of feeling for who the next bachelorette will be, but sadly, Chris Harrison outsmarted me as per usual. The new bachelorette was announced on “Good Morning America” on Monday morning, March 2, and it was revealed to be Clare Crawley. She was a contestant and the runner-up on season 16 of “The Bachelor,” when Juan Pablo was the bachelor. She was also on two seasons of “Bachelor in Paradise” and one season of “Bachelor Winter Games.” She has been looking for love on TV since 2014, but has sadly never been successful. I, for one, am really happy about this choice and think that Clare is going to do an amazing job next season! Crawley is also making waves as the oldest bachelorette chosen by the show, at the age of 38. 

To wrap up my thoughts, here is what I think will go down next week during the finale. I think that if Madison doesn’t get the final rose,  I will be totally shocked. Her and Peter’s chemistry is undeniable, and they seem to be the most genuine couple that I have seen this season. Hannah Ann hasn’t really shown me any emotion that makes me feel like she has strong feelings for Pete. In the clip of a preview of the finale, they showed a clip of Chris Harrison telling Pete some news, and Pete then laying down with a cold compress saying he felt like he was going to pass out. So, that’s pretty wild. Just to have this printed somewhere, I have a hare-brained theory that one of the girls who was sent home earlier is pregnant. However, I have no real basis for this theory, so let’s just see what happens. Pete, I’m rooting for you, don’t mess this up! 






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