While many people prefer podcasts for tales of true crime or more serious subjects, my podcast preferences range in topics from the Bachelor to Bravo. An admitted pop culture fanatic, I mostly seek out podcasts for the discussion of celebrity gossip. When I’ve exhausted my uninterested friends and E! News just isn’t enough, I luckily have a wide variety of pop culture podcasts to choose from. From the most scandalous to the most hilarious, many of my fellow celebrity and entertainment aficionados have taken the podcast world by storm, and I for one am thankful. The following list consists of all my go-to podcasts for all things pop culture and celebrity.
“The Morning Toast”

Claudia and Jackie Oshry, a dynamic duo of sisters and best friends, discuss all the latest and hottest celebrity and TV news in their podcast, “The Morning Toast.” Every weekday at 10:30 a.m. ET, the Oshry’s, with the occasional cameo of their other sister, Margo, share the stage and often welcome guests, mostly reality TV stars. From recapping the most popular Netflix shows to chatting with your favorite real housewife, you won’t regret starting your day with a bite of “The Morning Toast.”


“Brad Behavior”

Brad Goreski’s “Brad Behavior” is the place to be for all things fashion and red carpet recaps. Celebrity stylist and television personality, Brad’s recent addition to the podcast world has been successful and star-studded. With many interesting clients and contacts in the world of celebrity, Brad’s access to celebrity interviews and firsthand red carpet experience makes this podcast all at once exciting and extremely credible.


“Chicks in the Office”

Maria Ciuffo and Fran Mariano host this Barstool Sports podcast focused primarily on all of the biggest news in pop culture. This pair of best friends uploads bi-weekly episodes and have welcomed many guests from Bachelor-nation stars to the Jonas Brothers. Keeping it super casual and honest, their conversations are consistently fresh and fascinating for listeners.



Hosts Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin redefine girl power in their podcast, “LadyGang.” The LadyGang brand stretches far beyond the podcast to books and a television series on the E! Network. These three powerhouses maintain an absolutely authentic and unapologetic approach to podcasting in an effort to empower fellow females. Many celebrity guests also join in on the weekly episodes to discuss the honesty beneath the many facades of Hollywood.


“Scrubbing In” 

Bachelor alum Becca Tilley and Ryan Seacrest’s morning show co-host, Tanya Rad,  join forces on “Scrubbing In.” This pair of friends and fangirls focus on events of their personal lives as well as pop culture which, with their alternative careers so focused on celebrity, often coincide. Reality T.V. and radio collide in this podcast to bring the best of both worlds and guests from all the various realms of celebrity.


“The Bitch Bible”

Last but certainly not least, Jackie Schimmel shatters the mold of influencers and podcast personalities with “The Bitch Bible.” This unedited, unfiltered and unapologetic is jaw-droppingly honest and refreshing in an age where counterfeit perfection is the norm. Schimmel shares her love for fashion, reality T.V. and all things Los Angeles without taking herself too seriously or allowing the pressure of perfection to play a role. If being real makes Schimmel a bitch, then she’s the best bitch in podcasting.

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