As the month of October begins, many are excited about the wonderful holiday that is Halloween. 

People prepare by dressing up, eating tons of candy or my personal favorite, watching horror movies with friends. There is nothing more exciting and exhilarating than sitting down in your home, or a theater, and being terrified by the unknown. It is always a joy to me. 

This year, instead of witnessing the horrors that are Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, director Brandon Cronenberg takes the audience through the terrors that are the human subconscious with his latest film, “Possessor.” 

Brandon Cronenberg is the son of crazed body horror enthusiast, David Cronenberg, who is known for his bizarre and stomach-churning practical special effects. This is his second feature after his 2012 debut, “Antiviral.” The film, starring Christopher Abbott, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Andrea Riseborough, is about an assassin who uses new technology to take the shape and mind of somebody else. 

While this plot does seem reminiscent of Cronenberg’s father’s work, “Videodrome,” this is a wild ride that had me invested from the start. It feels like Brandon is taking notes from his father’s work, but not copying or replicating it; he is trying to make something of his own while also carrying out his father’s legacy. 

This film, on its surface, sounds like an action movie; but, as the film goes on, it becomes a psychedelic horror film. The practical effects in this film are nothing short of jaw-dropping and every image got under my skin. I will never forget the constant horrors Brandon delivers to the audience. 

The cinematography is great, but some shots feel a bit repetitive. The music was impressive at times, but also felt a bit forgettable at other points. The performances are great, especially by Christopher Abbott, who consistently knocks it out of the park. This film has the feeling that Cronenberg is behind it, and I am glad it does. The direction within the screenplay and the directing are both fantastic, and I had no idea what to expect. It left me cold until after the credits rolled. 

“Possessor” is a film that nobody had on their radars, but should. It is a complex and terrifying film that displays Brandon Cronenberg as one of the new and fresh faces of body horror cinema. In an age where horror is constantly filled with jumpscares and loud sounds, it is nice to see someone taking the mantle and going back to his father’s roots. 

This will become a cult classic, I can taste it!


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