In the Gonzaga Hall Auditorium, people were lined up waiting for the stage doors to open. Families not only from Fairfield, but Bridgeport, Norwalk and New Haven were ready to see their sons and daughters perform in the Remixx Dance Showcase on April 5. When the doors finally opened at 7:30, everyone took a spot in the center row of the auditorium. For the side rows, performers waited patiently for the show to begin as DJ Ink blasted the auditorium with music. The front seats of the center row were dedicated to alumni and the Studio Media Team, who would record the performances later on.

When the show began at 8:00 p.m., host Asha Perry ‘18, a a former Remixx member turned alumni, started the event off in an energetic fashion. But before the show could begin, a moment of silence was held for African American rapper Nipsey Hussle, also known as Ermias Joseph Asghedom, in commemoration of his recent passing. After a few moments, the show finally began.

The first half of the show consisted of seven performances: Remixx, Sophisticated Ignorance (Bridgeport), FLUXmomentum (Norwalk), MegaHurtz Entertainment Company (North Haven), Aliento de Incendio (North Haven), a performance by Woojyie (Bridgeport) and a spoken word by Akbar Niyonkuru ‘22. This half was more diverse than what was done in the second half. While lacking the energy that the second half had, this first part had a variety of musical genres. For example, where Sophisticated Ignorance and Remixx used pop music, Aliento de Incendio brought salsa dancing to the mix. Not only that, but the choreography in each dancing performance was unique. Woojyie used actions reminiscent of a mime act alongside his steps, Megahurtz implemented some pop-and-lock movements and Sophisticated Ignorance performed with smooth movements.

When the second half began, that was where the performances became more pumped up and full of movement. Comprising of Remixx, the Sacred Heart University Dance Community, Elements of Surprise, a spoken word by Omega Phi Kappa member Gil Figueroa, Monsoon Dance Crew, and Team Leggoo, the show got more creative. Groups became more athletic, relying on back flips and splits, as their choreography used more elaborate set ups. Team Leggoo went as far as to create a scene of a basketball game turning into their performance. It was here that Remixx performed for this half’s beginning and end, as Fairfield University is their home ground. In the end, audiences learned that two Remixx members would be graduating, vice president Shadea Foster ‘19 and general body member Terri-Anne Parlemon ‘19. The two were given flowers for their time and effort before walking off stage. An after party came after the show, held in the Dogwood Room in the John A. Barone Campus Center.

Overall, the show was a pumped up spectacle that drove the crowd wild. If this is the entertainment these showcases bring out, then I can’t wait for the next one.

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