A go-to for college students is without a doubt mac and cheese. Ranging from Velveeta to Easy Mac, nothing sounds better than sitting down in the dorm room, hitting the microwave to three minutes and just letting the bowl of swirling noodles and cheese cook to perfection.

However, one restaurant on Black Rock Turnpike has tried to compete against the many Kraft delicacies, and their name is Macdaddy’s Macaroni & Cheese Bar.

Located in a small section of a plaza across from Trader Joe’s, this restaurant is easy to dismiss as just a typical little food joint. However, Macdaddy’s allows their customers to join them in their skillet, with the walls painted the same dark color as the skillets that they serve the pasta in. There are also accents of orange throughout the restaurant, similar to cheddar orange. It’s hard to enter the restaurant and not feel as though you are in fact part of the mac and cheese dish.

Coming in three different sizes—“the snack,” “the mac” and “the macdaddy”—these pans are filled to the brim with fresh ingredients as well as what Macdaddy likes to call “cheesy goodness.” With a huge list consisting of 25 delectable options, the menu comes to life right before the customers’ eyes, and it’s close to impossible to just choose one.

The menu offers both the classic mac and cheese (called the mac USA) and more creative, magnificent dishes such as the mac Mexican, mac lobster and the mac buffalo chicken. Many of the dishes are great combinations of everyday meals that no one has ever truly thought could be put into a mac and cheese dish.

The restaurant has become a huge hit with many students on campus. For those who have never had the opportunity to visit this hidden gem in Fairfield, create a carpool to the distant Black Rock Turnpike, enter Macdaddy’s and gaze upon the huge blackboard of previously unheard of mac and cheese possibilities before diving into a delicious meal. Macdaddy’s has just recently opened in Fairfield this past Labor Day, but for a quaint little restaurant, Macdaddy’s is a great new treat that almost every and any college student will love.

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