Paris Fashion Week is an event marked by high fashion and celebrity attendance. The fashion and looks that go on the runway are chic, elaborate, bold and luxurious, but the fashion that goes on off of the runway cannot be ignored either. Seeing the multitudes of celebrities that attend fashion week brings with it a whole other collection of looks that become just as photographed and talked about as the looks being debuted. Being able to pick favorites among all of these amazing styles is nearly impossible, but the following are my favorite looks off the runway from Paris Fashion Week.

Winnie Harlow attending the Christian Dior show is one of my favorite celebrity street style looks. The avant-garde layered look is a combination of pieces that I would wear in an instant. One great thing about what Harlow has chosen is that while she looks high fashion and well put together for fashion week, I feel like I could wear this outfit for a night out in the city. The style is not something completely out of the blue, it gives off the vibe that it’s meant for every woman, with a gray turtleneck under an off-the-shoulder coat dress, paired with patterned black tights and black shoes. The turtleneck and coat combination gives off a very warm feel which is perfect for the season.

Olivia Culpo is one of my fashion icons because she always seems to have the best, most put together and current styles. The former Miss Universe has guest judged on “Project Runway,” so it is no surprise that she knows her stuff. Culpo showed up to the Nina Ricci show in an all white ensemble. Usually I am not the biggest fan of all white looks, but she looked crisp and clean in this outfit, and her beauty choices definitely helped with this. She utilized a slicked back, tight ponytail and simple makeup with a nude lip, so the whole look truly went together perfectly.

Cara Delevingne at the Christian Dior show struck me as the exact kind of look that Delevingne would wear. She wore a pantsuit draped with a large overcoat, but instead of a shirt underneath the jacket she opted for a bandeau that exposed her midriff and high waisted Dior underwear from under her suit pant. The look perfectly flaunted her model figure, and she accessorized it really well with a newsboy cap and dramatic dark makeup. She looked sharp and edgy and fit right in at the Dior show, which makes sense since she is a Dior Ambassador.

Gigi Hadid has been a Fashion Week queen in recent years, and her street style definitely makes the cut in Paris. After recently revealing she has been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease after being criticized for her weight fluctuation, Gigi put her haters to shame by being the picture of class walking the streets of Paris. Simple yet elegant is the perfect descriptor I have for her choice to wear an off the shoulder, long sleeve, knee-length beige dress with knee high white boots and a camel bag. The look was the perfect combination of nude colors to make her look effortlessly stylish, but she added some flair with the sharp color on the camel bag.

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