Housing selection is fast approaching, and due to COVID-19, many first-year students have not been able to venture into the other buildings and view the different choices available for next year. To help rising sophomores out, here is a rundown of all the housing options! 

Res College Housing: 

The Residential College program gives students the chance to connect their academic interests more closely with their personal lives by integrating the two in the program. Students will have the opportunity to have a mentor and take certain classes specific to the res college program they are registered in. 

42 Langguth Road

Let’s be real; you probably applied to the Res College Program to live in this building. Langguth is like the friend everyone wants to be — so nice and so pretty. The only downsides are that you are still living in the quad, and there is a good chance that your window will be directly across from a Gonzaga Hall dorm room. However, this building is in a good location when walking to class. You can just roll out of bed for your course and get a little bit of extra sleep… unless you’re a business major, then this building might not be the most convenient for you. 

Non-Residential College Housing: 

Unlike the Residential College Program, it is not required that students living in any of the listed housing options take any specific classes or participate in any program-specific retreats. Within the Non-Residential College Housing are two options: Traditional Hall and Suite-Style options 

Traditional Hall Options:

70 McCormick Road 

I like to think of this building as a Jogues 2.0. Besides the fact it is so far from every other sophomore housing building, it is actually really nice on the inside. The high ceilings and hardwood floors are a significant step above any of the first-year residence halls, but you still will have to deal with communal bathrooms. It is located deep in the quad, so if you don’t want to be intermingling with younger students as a sophomore, this building might not be for you. 

Loyola Hall

Loyola Hall is definitely nobody’s first choice for housing, but it does have its upsides. It has a pretty good location because it is close to the academic buildings and the dining hall. Also, if you go through the Barone Campus Center, it isn’t that far of a walk to the other side of campus where the other sophomores live. That is basically the extent of its upsides because just like 70 McCormick Road, it is still located in the freshman quad. On top of that, Loyola will also still house freshmen and living here means you won’t escape the communal bathrooms. 

Suite-style Options: 

The village provides students with suite-style housing opportunities. Housing options within the village include Kostka Hall, Claver Hall, and Faber Hall.  

Kostka Hall

This building has the most confusing floor plan and smaller rooms compared to other buildings. The hallway walls are blue and orange, which is also kind of an eyesore, but then again, Kostka is the only building in the village with a laundry room. This is a massive bonus for the building. Another redeemer for Kostka is the lounges that are located on each floor of the building, which is really nice. If you don’t like working in your room or don’t feel like walking to the library, these rooms are perfect for studying or hanging out with friends.

Claver Hall

I must admit that I will be a little biased when it comes to Claver because I currently live here. Claver has a unique setup where one room is much larger than the room attached to it, while the other room has a much larger closet. Although Claver doesn’t have a laundry room, Kostka is not that far away, so it is pretty easy to walk over with your dirty clothes basket. It’s more annoying than anything if you do laundry when it’s raining or snowing, so instead, I suggest checking the weather app before lugging your bags across the village. 

Faber Hall

Faber is like its own little island. It is super far away from the rest of the sophomore buildings and kind of looks like a nursing home. However, it’s still not a bad option for housing. Faber is known for having quads which means the space consists of one big room with four beds. While this can be fun to hang out with your friends constantly, it gets a bit draining when you want some alone time. Then, instead of having just one person to worry about, you have the stress of three other people. 

Roommate selection for the Class of 2024 for both Residential College and Non-Residential College Housing opens on March 24 at 9:00 a.m. and closes on March 31 at 4:00 p.m. Pick times will be posted on April 7 at 4:00 p.m., and housing selection will start on April 7 at 9:00 a.m. More information about the housing process can be found in the on-campus lottery booklet as well as continual details regarding each housing option on the school’s website.

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