I often write about fashion trends, makeup and how to successfully style yourself, but what I fail to mention is everything people wear when not dressing to impress, but when hanging out at home. I do think there are certain brands that do loungewear best, and have stylish comfort down pat.

Aerie is a brand that I buy most of my clothes from, because they offer such a wide variety of styles and have good quality clothing. Loungewear is no exception at Aerie, where you can get sweats, tees, sweatshirts and so many other items made for comfort and style. Currently, I am practically living in the Aerie Side Snap City Hoodie and Aerie Plush Harem Jogger, and these items are just the beginning of what Aerie has to offer.

Target is another go-to for comfort, the only problem being that I often find it takes a lot of digging to find a gem at Target, but once you do, it is totally worth it. Target has great prices and great items, like the Women’s Yoke Front Jogger – Wild Fable selling for $20, and the Women’s Cozy Layering Sweatshirt – JoyLab that is selling for only $25.

Victoria’s Secret is the most expensive of the options on this list, but they have maintained business for pieces with reasonable prices. Their loungewear options are comfortable! Despite the fact that all of their PINK items have the words PINK on them, the styles are chic and the products are well made. I have PINK sweatpants from 6 years ago that I still wear every day, because they never go out of style and never experience wear and tear. Joggers, boyfriend pants, classic sweats, PINK has a style for everyone, and general consensus is that it is worth the price.

Old Navy has become one of my favorite brands to shop. They are always having a sale, and their items go from affordable to a steal. I have used Old Navy a lot for work, but I recently purchased some loungewear items and have not been disappointed. When I can get a sweatshirt like the Relaxed Lightweight Performance Hoodie for Women for only $11.50, I know that I cannot turn it down. If you are a saver who is always looking for a deal, Old Navy is the place to go.


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