Halloween is a great holiday for creative expression, because you can dress up as whatever, or whoever, you want for a night and really pull out all of the stops. A lot of times, it’s difficult to find inspiration for a costume, and I often pull ideas from past celebrity Halloween costumes. Celebrities can be a great resource for costume inspiration, and this article is a shout out to some of the most iconic celebrity Halloween costumes over the years.

Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban killed it last year when they dressed up as Sonny and Cher. They channeled the iconic couple in a stylish ensemble. Kardashian sported a gold two-piece that is emulated after an Academy Awards dress worn by Cher herself, while Cheban wore a suit, fake moustache and a wig to emulate Sonny.

Michael Kors as the Garden of Eden in 2017 is an extremely catchy costume. He sported a “forbidden fruit” suit and completed the look with a very lifelike serpent draped around his shoulders. The look was both creative and catchy, and I have never seen this costume before, making it the opposite of cliché!

Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit (2015) is just one example of an extraordinary Heidi Klum costume, because she goes all out every year for her annual Halloween party. This is one of my favorite Heidi Klum looks, which entailed a prosthetic face, among many other prosthetic parts, and the resemblance to the iconic figure is uncanny!

Cardi B has developed a huge fan base over the last few years, and her Cruella de Vil costume in 2017 had every element, including a real Dalmation in tow. Her black velour jumpsuit was sleek, with an over-the-top fur coat to tie the entire look together. Having a dalmation on her arm took the costume to the next level.

Chanel Iman as a mummy in 2016 represents the perfect way to keep it spooky chic. She not only rocked the high ponytail, but her wrappings are the perfect degree of distressed – without looking like she just wrapped herself in toilet paper. Another perfect touch to any costume is colored contacts, and her white contacts are the perfect shade of creepy.

In 2017, Jason Derulo dressed up as the Night King from “Game of Thrones,” and there is not much more to be said than the fact that he was unrecognizable, and you would definitely think a real white walker was in your presence.

Colton Haynes every year! Because Colton Haynes has probably the best costume game of any celebrity, always getting suited up in a bunch of prosthetics and dressing up as famous cartoon females. His last few years have included dressing as Fiona from “Shrek,” Ursula from “the Little Mermaid,” Marge Simpson from “the Simpsons” and Miss Piggy from “the Muppets.” These costumes you have to see to believe, and I tip my hat to Colton Haynes as the Halloween MVP!

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