If there is one thing that can be said about fashion, it’s that fashion constantly changes and evolves. This is just as true of our own personal style, especially as we transition into different environments, like college, as we age. With this in mind, I thought it would be interesting to hear about some fashion evolutions!


I asked five seniors how their style has changed since they were first-years, and this is what I found out:


Morgan Carrozzella says that her style has definitely changed since her first year on campus, “Freshman year I definitely dressed more preppy because that was my style in high school. When I got to college I wore more athleisure kind of clothes. But now I definitely dress more trendy and have gotten into the streetwear styles and what’s more in style now. I feel like I’ve adapted to wearing whatever’s trending at the moment. Recently I’ve found myself wearing a pair of ripped mom jeans and simple tee shirt and I feel like that is still casual while looking like you put in a little more effort!”

A trend Morgan is happy came back: denim skirts and jackets

A trend Morgan is happy is out of style: converse

Morgan’s favorite current fashion item: mom jeans from LF


Jake Tamagni feels like college gave his fashion a major improvement which keeps evolving and getting better with time. “I feel like my look has improved from what I was wearing as a freshman. I used to wear cargo shorts, sneakers and a gym shirt to my classes. Now that I am a senior, I feel like men’s fashion has changed in the sense that the norm is to now wear dressier clothes to class such as boat shoes, khakis and polo shirts, which is what I now wear to class.”

A trend Jake is happy came back: beards

A trend Jake is happy is out of style: buzz-cuts

Jake’s favorite current fashion item: his hat, which is stylish and hides bad hair days


Lauren LoVarco explains that she has learned simplicity is key when it comes to fashion. She says, “I feel like my style has changed from a lot of flashy and Victoria’s Secret products to more of a minimalistic look. I have also learned that it’s better to buy fewer items that are better quality than a lot of items that I have to throw out after a few wears.”

A trend Lauren is happy came back: scrunchies

A trend Lauren is happy is out of style: super skinny jeans, she loves more boyfriend or mom jeans

Lauren’s favorite current fashion item: her distressed Yankees baseball cap


James O’Day is one of my most stylish friends, so I definitely wanted to hear his thoughts on his fashion progression. He says, “Freshman year I only wore sweatpants and gym clothes. I never felt the need to dress to impress ‘cause I always felt like nobody cared. Second semester that same year I really discovered myself and came to terms with my taste in fashion. I started following new trends and tried my best to dress as nice as I could everyday. Joggers, vests, button ups and all the amazing 90s trends really took a grasp over my wardrobe and people noticed. I was once the Stylish Stag, and that really made me start to care about what I wear. I am so glad I discovered myself and still try to impress myself with my fashion choices everyday!”

A trend James is happy came back: denim jackets

A trend James is happy is out of style: Hawaiian shirts, which seem to be phasing out

James’ favorite current fashion item: short sleeve button ups


Lauren Kearney says, “I would say that my style has not changed too much since freshman year. I have always had a fairly simple style and that has pretty much stayed the same. The one thing that has changed is that I have had to expand my professional wardrobe. I had an internship this past summer and I was working in an office where I had to dress business casual and, on some days, business professional. I needed to buy a decent amount of nice pants and blouses, so that was one big change that I have seen since freshman year. I would definitely say my wardrobe has become much more work hard, and much less play hard.”

A trend Lauren is happy came back: bell bottom jeans

A trend Lauren is happy is out of style: colorful hair like pink and blue

Lauren’s favorite current fashion item: a pair of really fun jeans


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