Spring has finally arrived after what has seemed like the longest winter of all time! I for one am so glad to leap into spring and ditch my snow boots and puffer jacket for some warm weather styles! However, we all know the saying, “April showers brings May flowers,” so springtime usually calls for an arsenal of styles, including those that keep us dry. While I hate writing about waterproof gear due to its tendency to all look the same and act as some of the most boring pieces in an individual’s wardrobe, I think that there is no better way to start off April and the spring season than to give you all great items to avoid walking around with soggy shoes and messed up hair.


Rain Coats

I think we can all come to a general consensus that raincoats are simply not comfortable or very fashionable. In my opinion, the best way to make the most of your raincoat is to stay away from dreary colors such as grey. When you buy a grey or black raincoat, it is like you are one with the weather and there is nothing I hate more than rain when I am trying to have a productive day. One great example of a colorful raincoat is the Columbia Splash a Little Rain Jacket, which you can get for $62 on amazon.com. This raincoat comes in a multitude of bright spring colors including light pink, fuschia and an adorable ocean blue. The fit of this jacket is also to die for, coming up over the neck with a stowaway hood and a tight fit that allows it to pass for athleisure.


Rain Boots

We have talked rain boots before in Sabrina’s Style, and while Hunter Boots and Sperry’s Bean Boots are always great options, they can get a little pricey and there are so many other great options to keep you dry while maintaining your style. For the guys, Palladium Men’s Pampa Sport Cuff WPN Rain Boot in amber are available for only $72.99 on Amazon. They are extremely stylish and can function as a part of your outfit with or without the rain. For girls, I have just stumbled upon the Sam Edelman Women’s Tinsley Rain Boot and added them to my shopping cart. These rain boots are amazing because they do not look like rain boots at all. In fact, they look like a stylish pair of booties that can be worn rain or shine, but they are waterproof and only $35.99, seriously a steal!



While the bookstore umbrellas have always done the trick for me, I have recently seen people in places like Manhattan who have clear umbrellas, which I find to be so smart as you definitely lose some of your visibility when using an umbrella. I decided to do some investigating on everyone’s favorite site (Amazon, of course!) and found that the totes Signature Clear Umbrella seems to be the go-to umbrella for all of your clear umbrella needs. While it is $24.00, and that may seem steep for an umbrella, I would argue that one of these umbrellas might definitely be worth it!


Hopefully we have a completely dry April and you have no need to use this advice, but I wish everyone good luck on their fashion endeavors while staying dry this spring!


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