I always love writing about the style of our Stags, because I know how objective style can be and love to get fresh voices to express their own styles as well. The following first-year has been chosen to be the Stylish Stag of September because as soon as I spotted her outfit I thought it was super trendy, and she was graciously willing to share her personal style with The Mirror!


Name: Casey McCombs

Graduation Year: 2022


Major: Business Marketing


How did you decide on this outfit today, and how do you generally decide on an outfit?

“It usually just depends on my mood. Sometimes I check the weather and then go through my closet, but I usually start with an item of clothing and then build a look from there.”


What is your favorite store to shop in and why?

“Forever 21. I know I can find unique, inexpensive items and then style them the way I am feeling that day or week. You definitely have to be ready to look through the pieces when you shop there because there are tons of different types of clothing.”


What is your favorite accessory and why?

“The cliché favorite accessory answer is my smile (wink). But honestly, my favorite accessory is probably my 90s inspired sunglasses, I love them so much and I can wear them with any outfit.”


Describe your fashion aesthetic in two words.

“Trendy Casual”


Tell me a trend you’re happy is back in style and why?

“High waisted pants. Anyone can wear a good high waisted boyfriend jean and buying a pair secures a closet necessity.”


What is your favorite season to dress for and why?

“My favorite season to dress for is definitely autumn. You can layer some of your summer clothes under cardigans and get all cozy.”


Lastly, do you have a style icon and why?

“Yes, my style icon is Kendall Jenner. She is a tall glass of water and she knows how to shake up her looks while remaining true to her original sense of style.”

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