There are some fashion trends that are totally split between people who think they are hot and people who think they are not. While some of these trends have been around for a while, some are relatively new, or are even making a comeback. I interviewed multiple students on campus to find their takes on different trends.



“It makes sense to me that people are bringing chokers back because fashion trends go in and out of style. I have friends who have been pretty successful in selling chokers because they’ve added their own flair. I wouldn’t wear a choker every day, but I think they are a fun and different way to accessorize an outfit.” -Madeleine Tommins ‘18.


Spray tans

“I think spray tans should die. I think natural beauty is more important than fake beauty. I think it’s good for special occasions, but it’s not very good for your body, so I wouldn’t do it constantly.”  -Jessica Muzili ‘21.


Piercings (of any kind)

“I usually don’t like a lot of piercings, but I also think they add a lot to your look, so I like to have more than just one ear piercing. I think some studs in ears are really cool, but definitely no gauges, and I think nose rings are really cute if you can pull them off. I think when people go crazy with piercings that becomes the most noticeable thing about them, so I don’t think it should be overkill.” -Lauren Kearney ‘19.


Jean skirts

Allison Coffey ‘19 is happy to see a trademark from her childhood coming back into style. “Jean skirts were something that I loved in my middle school days and it is funny that I just went out and bought one last year in my junior year of college after looking at old, embarrassing pictures and swearing I would never wear one again.”


Fake eyelashes

“I think that people are obsessed with the fad of fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions because it makes them appear prettier, when that is not necessarily the case. As a society, we should be focusing on our natural beauty instead of using products to enhance our facial features, and be proud of our natural look.” -Milena Ciaccia, ‘21.


Guys Edition:


Getting your eyebrows done

Michael Casarella ‘19 thinks that all guys should their eyebrows done to avoid a unibrow. He says, “People used to say that guys should not get their eyebrows done because it’s a girl thing, but now almost all of the guys I know get them done either by doing it themselves, going to a threading place, or having their barbers do it.”


Beard vs. No Beard

Domenico Procopio ‘21 believes that it depends on the person when it comes to beards, and that they can really change an appearance for some men. He also adds, “sometimes I think men get a beard to look older because beards generally make men look older, especially if they have a young face. Guys who look really young before a beard might look a lot older once a beard grows in.”


Ugg Slippers

“Guys should absolutely wear Ugg Slippers out in public and around campus. They are so warm and comfy why would guys not want to wear them. They don’t even have shoelaces they are so easy to slip on and off.” -Jake Tamagni ‘19.

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