Every year I get so surprised by the Super Bowl, because I don’t follow football in the slightest, but somehow I always know who’s playing the halftime show. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy seeing Jennifer Lopez and Shakira perform, but thankfully the Super Bowl LIV halftime show was a fantastic surprise. There has been some backlash with the sexual nature of Lopez and Shakira’s dancing, but the general consensus agrees that they created a highly entertaining show on Feb.2.

Decked out in all red, Shakira started the show strong high energy dancing to her song, “She-Wolf.” She then switched to a beautifully sung performance of “Empire” where she showcased her skills on the guitar. As strange as it might sound, seeing Shakira shred on a sparkling black guitar was so similar to seeing classic rock bands do the same. It further proved how fantastic of a performer Shakira is that she so quickly transformed from a early 2000s Latina pop queen to a rock star. 

She then seamlessly returned to her classic style with a short dance break before going into her song “Whenever, Wherever.” That song was one of the most spectacular of the night, fireworks exploding in the sky as Bad Bunny joined her on stage and they started singing “Like it Like That.” One of the highest points of energy and excitement in the performance was when Shakira sang “Chantaje.” Not only was her dancing fast-paced and visually stimulating, but the backup dancers played various horns as they matched her intense energy. Then, as expected, Shakira performed what is arguably her biggest hit, “Hips Don’t Lie.” She crowd-surfed and kept up her bright, fun performance as more fireworks sparkled in the air.

Lopez started her portion of the performance with a throwback song, “Jenny from the Block” as she swayed impeccably to the music. She then performed “Get Right” in such a dynamic way that I felt myself getting pumped, and I wasn’t even close to Hard Rock Stadium while watching.

Dancers crawled on stage for “Waiting for Tonight,” and Lopez pole danced above them, showcasing her talent from “Hustlers.” J. Balvin came to the stage for the mesmerizing performance of “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” before the show transitioned into “On the Floor” which had vibrant dancing and flawless singing. The highlight of her performance was when her daughter, Emme Maribel Muniz, Shakira and a crowd of children performers joined her to sing “Let’s Get Loud” and “Born in the USA.” As she sang “Born in the USA,” Lopez proudly wore a fluffy Puerto Rican flag as a cape to show pride for her ethnicity.

Shakira and Lopez then performed “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” and the song turned into a lively dance break. The dancing included classic Latina dancing along with flips, twirls and generally a sense of beautiful, organized chaos. 

All in all, the Super Bowl LIV Halftime show was definitely one of the best in the past few years. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira created such an entertaining and energetic performance that even the viewers at home could feel the excitement.

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-- Emeritus Vine Editor -- Film,Television and Media Arts

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